Shrapnel Grenade aim arc not showing


Was playing a match and noticed that the aiming arch for torvalds shrapnell grenade wasent showing up. trowed mulitple of them and even swapped weapons but nothing worked.


@MrStrategio @MajorLeeHyper


Haven’t seen that one before. O.o


Thats why i tought lets put it up here :stuck_out_tongue: cause its annoying as hell… xD


Thanks. ^.^
I like to see bugs I’ve not seen before. Most of them I’ve at least heard about.
Thanks for the video as well. Got to learn something new. :smile:


yeeyyyeeeeyyyy :smile:


I had this for the Toxic Grenade as well…


Edited the title, god it bugged me out so much.

Anyways, seen this once or twice before. Dunno what could cause it.


Thanks for reporting the issue. I had someone look into it, but it was working just fine. If anyone has a repro case, I would appreciate it.


Donth know what caused it so unfotunatly cant repro it. Stayed like this the whole game and next match it was normal again. Maybe its a 1 in a 10.000 kinda thing


I got it when I joined a game in progress as Hyde. Pulled out the grenades and the arc wouldn’t show no matter what. Returned to normal the next game.


Appreciate it. We’ll be looking into a resolution.


I noticed this on Hyde’s grenades as well