Showing perks of the other side before a match?

I wanted to gauge a reaction for this idea. What if you had a few seconds to see the perks of the other side? For example, if you see Support is running all Jetpack stuff, you might try targeting the Trapper or Medic first. If Hunters see the Monster has stacked Move Speed and Feed Speed, they would try for a wider cut-off angle, or be more aggressive knowing the Monster has no combat boosts.

I think it would be a fun dynamic, a psychological back-and-forth. Hunters know that Monster knows Trapper has no Jetpack or speed boosts and will likely be targeted first, so how to work around that? Similarly, Monster knows that Hunters know it has no combat boosts, so what is the best way to zig-zag and double-back to reach Stage 2 without a fight?

Some perks you can make an educated guess about within the first few minutes, others not so much. Anyways, that’s the idea. Thoughts?


I’d be game for this, I think TRS might be working on something similar now

I wouldn’t hate it either though I can also see the benefits of keeping them hidden. At the very least showing them at the end of a game. Many a times have I wondered what perk a monster or hunter squad was using during a game.

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If TRS is adding a draft system, then they should show perks after character confirmation screen.

This way it goes:

Trapper Support pick first


Medic Assault pick last,

Then since everyone else knows what everyone else is going, they can pick perks to fights/counter eachother, then it shows the perks after everyone is ready, so people have an idea to how the other players will play the game.

I.e. Monster chooses feeding then you can expect the monster to stick to feeding routes. Or if monster has damage perks, you can expect more fighting, and be ready for it.

I also moved topic because this falls under a suggestion.

I detest the idea of counter-picking, save that for tournaments. This would strictly be for pub matches, adding a little bit of tactical decision-making.

Yes I feel the minimum here is to be able to have some insight on perks used after a game. It’s even more relevant when you lost a game and/or are a beginner. Might help you play the opposing side or better counter those builds.

As Op suggested, seeing perks before the game : during that stage when everybody has picked and we get an insight on the perks used ? I think it’s too much. Maybe just one perk chosen randomly ? Even then… Nah, I think it diminishes too much the strategic and surprise factor of these choices.

The draft system, isn’t beginner friendly at all. A new player might now understand the strategic value to this. It could be imposed, of course but… Hum, not to sure about it.
But it would be a must for tourneys, yes !

I believe the draft system that TRS has planned for the future will only be used for competitive play, so beginners shouldn’t have anything to worry about :slight_smile:


I say yes to that. After reading some replys here let me clarify what I mean.

I say yes to displaying perks after character confirmation, so you can see perks but you cannot counter pick since it would be after confirmation. It may be displayed on the animated screen when it says ‘monster vs hunters’.

But I say no to draft system or knowing the perks of opponent while you still can change your decision and counter pick perks.

usually you know what kinds of perks the monster is running after the first dome or before it, with that said by the time you figure this out the monster may be in advantage/disadvantage but the same goes for hunters.

honestly im not a big fan of this, as it kills the suprise factor, in theory you would take precautions about the monster from the start.

with that said, absolutely a better post-game-screen showing perks should give you a much better idea on what should you pick on future games, if the hunters are “following the meta perks” cough cough.

Personally I can never really tell what my allies of opponent(s) have taken as perks. It’s always a mystery (unless getting slowed, poisoned, or seeing the monster go up a cliff super fast).

Without that knowledge, it tends to be more realistic, and forces players to try and adapt on the fly, making each first encounter a surprise (in theory, we all know only a few builds are always played).

Imagine, in some parallel universe when a monster has picked up fast climber. If you play hunter and know before the match starts the monster is good in climbing, this is going to affect your strategy immensely. The example is bad, but in theory, one “flaw” of the system.

Having insight in perks before hand opens up counter-plays. A monster already has enough things to think about (who to focus on, where he wants to get domed etc) without having other things to keep in mind ("I need to remember that medic has build full dodge…).
Also, the monster player really only wants to know medic and support perks since they are the prime targets. But all hunters would gladly know what monster has…

That’s why I’m not for insight on perks before a match but definitely for AFTER a match.

Personally, I’d be happy with them just showing the perks post match. I’m always interested in what builds people go; possibly open me up to new ideas.

I agree that the element of surprise adds some depth to the game hence why I said I acknowledged the benefits of keeping them hidden and merely suggested showing them at the end of a fight to adjust strategy for future games. At the same time, if you showed perks after character selection but before the game begins to prevent counter picking it would add a similar (if not greater) depth of gameplay.