Showing character skins during pre-match



So far, the skins are only visible to players in-game, like they were some kind of client-side mods. How about they were visible during the “MONSTER VS HUNTER” intro to a match? This way we could show off our fabulous looks before the game even begins.

Here’s an example:

hashtag no Photoshop


I believe they already have something like this in the works, so rejoice!



@LordDerp is right! I added it to the trello board so you can follow it :slight_smile:


Will this also be in the Character Select screen as well when viewing your teammates?


I can’t recall off the top of my head, I’ll try to find out tomorrow!


Confirmed today that this will be included - note that only the full body skins will show up and not the weapon skins (that is a little more complex for us, so we’re punting on that for now).