Show us your stuff for the Livestream!


We’re looking for awesome Community content to feature on our TRS livestream tomorrow! Of course, we’ve seen a lot of the great stuff that is already floating around these forums, but we’re looking for more!

Content types include (but are not limited to):

  • Videos
  • Artwork
  • Cosplay
  • GIFs
  • Memes
  • Fan-fiction
  • Haikus

**Don’t submit suggestions for Monsters/Hunters, we are unable to feature things like that on stream (unless they are clearly noted as a joke)

Even if it’s already posted around here-- feel free to repost it!

Please indicate artist/creator with the work (if you don’t know, please let us know it’s not yours at the very least)



This sounds really interesting :smile:

I think I’ll chip in a story or a fan art.


Sweet! We would need it by tomorrow morning if it was going to be featured on the livestream. That said, we are planning to do more stuff like this in the future (if you guys like it, that is!)


@SledgePainter :wink:


Any specific time? I’m sure I’ll be able to hit the dead line at some point due to time zones finally being in my advantage :wink:


I’ve got a variety of Coaching with Cow in observer mode videos on my YT channel :slight_smile: That being said, I’m off tomorrow. So if you need someone to hop on lemme know :smiley:


I know I already posted this but damn I’m proud of my tattoo the artist was Matt at royal ink in republic Mo


I’m on it!


12pm PDT? That should give us enough time


How long can the videos submitted be? I have a video of me playing Slim against a stage 3 Kraken that is somewhat epic. Also have a video of keeping +250s tranq duration with old tranq duration (3sec) on Goliath before he could reach stage 2. Can they be highlights from a stream?


Cool! I’m 10 hours ahead. I should be able to do something decent for that timeline

so until then… A painting I did for Evolve


My monster A! heart attack clip
I have another video of stacking all buckets turrets on top of each other that Ill add here when I get home, its in my Xbox clips, but I can’t access xbox clips from school


I’m not going to do anything myself, but

should be in.


You realize at 15 seconds you clearly see spikes? ^.-


I still think that one’s humorous.


At the time I didn’t, someone did point it out to me before too, I was just having fun throwing nades


I still think the loading screens could also feature community content in addition to what’s already there. If a tip is unreleated to a specific image, show community content instead.


Here is a pic of Chloe worried about some hair being cut. Also, Phill Robb inspects his instrument of destruction :stuck_out_tongue: