Show Us Your Evolve Avatar


I want to look at Avatars. What will you be sporting in the big game?

Mine is


a big fat goliath… eh tail


Caria and my name will be the Road To Caria


I am going to be Abe all the way!


IIIII’m confused. You want to -see- avatars as in… Our display pictures on our profiles, or… ?


I’m with you. Confused. Forum Avatar? (you can see that) Steam Avatar? I can post that. Or in-game avatar (We can’t build that until we see the avatar icons/background combinations the game supports)


Maybe he means these?


I’m beginning to think MaddCow is Na’vi for ‘meme-spewer’. :sweat:


Sometimes you have to dumb down your dialect so that the indigenous people can understand.


Do you mean Caira?


Steam Avatars for when you are playing Evolve


Mine is the same as the forums here.

Edit: Correction. It MIGHT be facing the right instead of the left.


Okay - been thinking about officially switching it anyway - so here it is…my new Avatar that I’ll be using for Evolve. “monster in the hat”. Oh, don’t let it deceive you - very ferocious!




How are you using that? It’s not square.


if you click on my name you see my avatar is square,but the background isnt.
i uploaded the background one


Ah, gotcha. Your Evolve Avatar is being clipped. Makes sense now.


Yeah that is what i mean


I’ll be rocking the tyranid warrior head, same as right here…well, unless I create some better art, Evolve related…