Show pings in lobby

high-level Evolve is unplayable with ping higher than 150. I’m so sick of getting my Californian team vs some Russians or Germans. I can hold Y to check who’s hosting and pretty much see right there who’ll win.

Please let us see everyone’s pings while we can still back out.

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I wouldn’t say unplayable. It makes things much harder though.

One of the only reasons I didn’t sign up for ESL.

150 is ok

180+ is unplayable for certain chars

200+ is unplayable

I average 300, 200 is generally the lowest. <.<

I don’t see why people say it’s unplayable.

proximity is not working

less range lightning gun/jetpack booster

instapop banshees

no windup animations on skills

ls/leap/rocks/aftershocks are hitting even tho you dodged them on your screen

the game is pretty bad with lag


This is all accurate, but still playable.

…To me.

…Yeah ok I kinda get it.

I still do well at high MS though. It’s possible. Just bullshit.

And frustrating(er.)

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well yeah

in theory its playable x)

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You must have just gotten used to it after playing with high ping for so long :smile:

That’s terrifying.

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Yea I want his to be a thing. I mostly get paired up with people here in CA but when we get people from other places. OH GOD THE LAG. My usual 12 fps isn’t too bad if people all have lows ping, I’m used to it and play pretty well with only a few fuck ups here and there ( and combat monster locating occasionally) but that combined with the high ping just makes me want to rip my eyes out.

yea. pls, I want this to be a thing.

Preach it brother. 500MS + 17FPS average here. It’s like Satan’s strangling me slowly while roasting my pet on an open fire.

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A sweet pet, on an open fiiirrreeee

So toasty sweet, on an open firreee

I don’t actually know the lyrics, but it’s the spirit that counts :stuck_out_tongue:

I play at 250 ping every day … I only play skirmish coz above silver master monsters will destroy me in ranked play… cant dodge some of the abilities consistently even with full jetpack which will cause the team to snowball…

as long as medic and support have good pings you can still have a fair chance …

as for the OP’s concern here is what I think will happen, ppl will start dodging in lobbies looking at pings resulting in longer matchmaking times further delaying matches, So no no.

That’s the problem - if you have a constant ping you can get used to it over the course of hours of gameplay, but when you play one match at 30ms then the next at 300ms then perhaps one inbetween, that’s when it’s more annoying and affects gameplay. No one likes being hit by a leapsmash that to your mind is too far away

yea i wish they would show the pings before the match starts… i would dodge people from asia, africa or na.

I would like local search preferences, but they will never put any of this in, its to much work for them probably. no offence but it’s a bit lazy and they should at least respond on the matter.