Show me your ink!


I’ve been absolutely obsessed with tattoos lately, and wanted to make a thread for people to share their (appropriate) body art!!! I just got my first tattoo, I’m beginning my sleeve and will hopefully have my whole arm done within the year.

There is my baby, it’s album cover art from Aesop Rock’s album, ‘None Shall Pass.’ It is slightly modified, the wings on the arms are different than the origional, and the origional had a scale representing the balance between the sheep and the wolves. I left that out, I simply think the picture is beautiful and it means a lot to me. The picture itself may seem dismal, but to me the wings represent hope, and being able to rise above even the darkest times.
Here is the origional album cover

I still gota get it touched up, just had it done today. It’s slightly red due to the bleeding, I’ll post another pic when it’s fully healed.

Can’t wait to see other peoples’ Schwifty ink!!! :smile:


@LadieAuPair has teh greatest of tattoos.


My latest, I’ve spend ~48h under the needle for my 1 1/2 sleeves


Nice!!! I love it!!! :smile::smile::smile:


I have a pretty nice pen I use to take notes…


Hahaha, Boom you always crack me up. :joy:
I’m thinking of getting an Evolve tattoo, but I’m not sure what I’d get. I’m leaning towards Goliath.


When I am old enough and economically stable, I’m gonna get one as well. Maybe more.

Perhaps one for my 18th birthday…


sounds a good choice


So, I just spent like 20 minutes looking for good pictures of all my tattoos only to fine that some of them I don’t have pictures of, including my finished half sleeve. I have no idea why. But here are pictures of some of the tats I have:

Apologies for the hint of butt in this one. It’s a Piasa bird (google it) done in classic tattoo style. This is the most recent one I’ve gotten.

This is Vasha from Red Faction Guerrilla. This was taken a right after I got her. She’s a little lighter now, but still looks great.

I have a matching snow flake with my sister behind me ear. I always forget I have it.

My Zelda triforce -

And here are my Bioshock Infinite keys. (This isn’t a good picture of me or Shane, but the keys are visible so I went with it. )

I’ve also got a quote of my forearm, stars on my feet, and this abstract thing on my shoulder blade.

And then there is my Spirited Away half sleeve, which I can’t find a finish picture of. So you know, zoom and enhance this pic to see it.



Get in here @Ryke676!


I want one tattoo from all of my favorite games when I come of age to get tattoos. I already have two in mind so far.

I want this one at the top of my back, between my shoulders.

And I want this one on my right bicep (maybe?).


I have too many that need to be finished damn it.


You have some really awesome tattoos!!! :grinning: My favorites are the Piasa Bird, the Red Faction Guerilla, and the Spirited Away sleeve!!! The Piasa bird must’ve taken at least thirty hours to complete, if I’m not mistaken?
I can’t wait to have more, I’m still trying to plan out exactly what I want. :smile:


The guy who did my leg is insanely fast. He is literally the fast tattoo artist I have ever seen. It was amazing. We did it in 3 sessions. Was definitely less than 15 hours. I feel like it was around 10.


I think the worst session I did was 9 hours overnight. Woooooof.


Wow!!! That’s bad ass!!! :smile:


You should post a few of them!!! If you want to, they would still be awesome to see. :grinning:


Your tattoos are so cool.

Also who’s this handsome lad? :blush:

I have a small wish list of tattoos right now that I can get one day,

  1. First off an Equality tattoo, maybe on my upper forearm.
  2. The Outsiders mark from Dishonored, I’d probably get it on my biceps or my lower rib cage.
  3. A trible tattoo down there all the way to one of my. Probably biggest one I’d ever get once I’m ready to commit to keeping tattoos.

Others that I have considered.

  • The Bioshock Infinite keys are what I’d like as well. They’re so cool.
  • Miley the Gorgon
  • a Batman logo on my chest, but not sure which one I love best.
  • or maybe a Flash emblem?
  • A “trust no one” tattoo, but I’d figure it be too depressing
  • A Militia emblem from Titanfall, picture below. So purty.


Frederik Hamel, a voice actor that worked on The Order:1886 (we’re at the game’s launch party)