Show me your cosplay!

A bunch of you have posted progress of your Evolve related cosplays in this thread but I would love to see what non-Evolve cosplays you’ve made as well. So show me your latest costume, or something you were super proud of, or even your first cosplay if you’re just starting out. And to even out the playing field, here’s one that I’m still really proud of. The costume is Hawkgirl from Injustice: God Among Us

This was my first foray in armor making, and I have to say, I fell in love. I definitely plan more armor costumes in the future!


Awesome! Very cool. I’ve always wanted to start, just don’t seem to find the time (and I’m not that crafty). If I’m going to do it, I want to do it ‘right’…like @Lindz here!

As long as you got her iconic ‘HAAAYAAA!’ under control, it’s more than awesome!

Cosplay seems so hard, time consuming and seems to need a lot of money. Does wearing a blue morphsuit count as cosplay…? xD

I don’t have pictures of myself, but this one is acceptable. You might remember Doviculus from Brutal Legend (they need to make a comeback sequel)

Yeah, well… I “attempted” it (not the best angle)


I’m missing the 4-necked guitar bursting out of your chest!

My favorite is my transformer suit. It looks a little doofy, and weighs about 200 lbs, is too big to fit through doors, and restricts movement…but It can actually turn into a car and drive, making it all worth it!

Also tried my hand at assassin’s creed. It is my finest costume so far. Everything is custom, including the blades.

The black knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail: detachable limbs and all.

and because it is glorious:


I cosplayed as Support from Monday Night Combat at PAX Prime 2013. My first and only cosplay to date.
For being my first cosplay attempt it was ambitious. Soldering the LEDs, sculpting the backpack, sewing the clothes underneath, creating the foam armor. I probably should have done something simpler.

Frankly I was a little disappointed I did not get recognized more, but that was probably my fault for not picking a more popular character.


My favorite cosplay is my ODST. It was my very first costume…I was sitting at home, waiting in between school sememsters and work, playing lots of video games. After a while I thought “I want to do something productive, like learning or making something…but I also really like video games” So someone pointed me to the 405th and suggested I make something from my favorite video game, Halo. =)

I managed to toss this together in a couple of weeks for Anime Expo 2009:

By the end of 2009, I put together more of the suit to make it look like one of the characters for the upcoming ODST game. This is a photo at PAX. I got a cast of a recon helmet from a friend (I actually own the mold now) to make another suit for my sister, and picked up a few prop weapons. I also got a new chest piece cast from a friend.

This is what the ODST suit looked like a year later at Anime Expo 2010

After a while I modded it a bit to be the “Knives insurrectionist” from Red Vs Blue. I made it significantly more comfortable and for a while it was my “work” cosplay, for when I had to run around organizing events, photographing, etc. (note the prop backpack replaced with a camera bag)

I still really love the ODSTs, and continue to revisit them. This is a new version I made from the ground up in 2013 (minus the rifle, which was a purchased cast). While I actually prefer my old helmet, and there are actually a lot of very expensive mistakes in this suit, it was a nice learning experience. I hope to revisit my ODSTs again soon, but right now I have other projects on my plate. =)


Just a few of my current cosplays…

Mordekaiser - LOL

Lexikhan - Strife

Pain - World Eater, Warhammer 40K

all pictures by Sayenbear.


Oh, you’re that guy I keep seeing at PAXs.
Aren’t you missing your Gears of War cosplay photo?

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Yous some talented people!

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Indeed hostile, I have been very lucky to attend every pax east so far, so there is a good chance you have seen me lumbering around on the floor at some time or another, and having a blast while doing it! I hope to be rocking a little Markov and Baymax love this year when we go!
Oh and yes gears will be making a comeback this year… LOL.