Shoutout to Evolve from a Casual Gamer


I am the definition of a casual gamer, I don’t have much time on my hands to invest large amounts of time into games. I’ve only played 48 hours of Evolve, as it shares time with other games such as Overwatch, Titanfall, Starcraft 2, and Warhammer Total War. That being said, Evolve has such a unique and engrossing gameplay that I can’t get enough of it! I’d like to thank TRS for adding something original to the video game world. You guys rock my socks, and I’m ECSTATIC for TU9.

Sorry if this seems like another “Evolve appreciation” thread, I just figured to voice a casual gamer’s love for this game.


All hai-

ring ring

picks up phone

“Yes, hello?”

“Is this the Mr. Chrono I am speaking to?”

“Why yes”

“The Forum Pollster?”


“The Great Meta Man?”


“The Holy, the Wonderful, the Brilliant!?”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!”

“The Great Bambino!?”

“Why of c- no…”

“Well, your GIF package has arrived.”




I wish everyone can see it this way. Instead, COD is on it’s nth title right now, Infinite Warfare.

But the reviews called Evolve a running simulator and so people didn’t properly respect how diverse the game was from the market.


Evolve appreciation threads are always welcome my friend , we so rarely have these lately it’s always good to see new blood appreciating the beauty of this game :wink:


I approve of all Wayne’s World Gifs. I also was Wayne for Halloween last year, so I super approve of them.

I hope @breezystarfish17 we can make everyone in our community proud/happy/excited/insertmorewordshere when we finally drop the next update. I think I can speak for all of TRS that this game is simply more than just another game we’ve all worked on but something truly special. Regardless of what happens after the update the fact we’re getting to do what we’re doing is awesome. This update has been built from the very start by people who just love Evolve. The whole team on the project currently lives, eats and breathes Evolve and it is something truly amazing.

I hope our community falls in love with the new direction we’re taking the game as much as we have internally.

Thanks for being awesome, and a fan of Evolve and Turtle Rock :slight_smile:




Now we’re going to paint some trees.


This post just made my morning :smiley: