Shoutout to all good Griffin players


I used to think that Griffin is slightly weak, then I unlocked him last night and took him out for a spin. Oh wow, he’s not a bad hunter, in fact he’s very strong, only he’s got the highest skillgate of any hunter I’ve yet to encounter. Trapper domes are already pretty stressful to land consistently but on top of that, as Griffin you have to consider where your soundspikes are, constantly monitor the minimap to track the monster, watch out for local wildlife and consider your positioning besides your teammates so that you can get optimal use of that harpoon. Th amount of multitasking required to pull it off is insane. I’d say he’s a more reliable tracker than Abe though Abe has better crowd control. Still, hat’s off to all well played Griffs.


I don’t think Griffin requires a lot of multitasking. VAL is the hunter that requires the most in my opinion.
However, Griffin is excellent if you want to have tons of CC on your team. He can totally shut down a monster’s movement.

Weapon swap is pretty much a must have for him.
Throw a dome -> instantly swap to harpoon and pin down that monster.

See monster going for a leap or something? Change from your SMG instantly and harpoon him.

He is indeed the most fun to play out of 3 trappers. (Griffin > Maggie > Abe - that’s is my scale of how much “fun” each hunter is to play as).


I can’t play for shit as Griffin vs Wraith. Simply can’t aim that harpoon at her. And yes, you need to position yourself behind the monster that going for the rest of your team. Eventually you’re going to tank the monster, and absense of defensive hunters in your team is your doom.


Ah, that’s true.

You will have to live with it, more often than not, any harpoons fired at wraith will be down in 0,2 seconds.
Wraith basically renders Griffin and Maggie useless due to that and her retarded supernova.

TRS, you have said no skill (ability) should render other’s abilities useless, Wraith does render certain abilities useless!


Actually during Supernova I can hold her most of the time, because she’s focused on someone else and a bit stationary at the time. Problems are with constant decoying and warping.


Really? Any time I hit her with harpoon in her back or wherever during supernova, it instantly breaks.


That’s because she turns back and slashes your harpoon, but not observant Wraiths don’t understand what holds them in place.


I think it needs to be, like, DIRECTLY on her back, if it’s on the side it’ll snap.

I do find Griffin incredibly hard to use on the Wraith though. Hard enough to get it to ping a soundspike, and in a fight it is saying a hell of a lot to actually be behind the wraith with how much it moves around.


yeah sadly griffin is not rewarding against wraith harpoons dont even slow down her teleport much


If you do manage to actually harpoon her before she decoys though, it will stay with her so your team knows where she is and the decoy is largely wasted.
But it’s a bit of a guess as to when she’s gonna use it, unless you’re freaky good at remembering the cool down times


I doubt she could even notice that instantly.
I mean it BREAKS INSTANTLY, from BEHIND, she is attacking assault or whatever is in the bubble, I harpoon her back, it breaks asap as long as she is attacking. Supernova is basically a 360 degree AOE attack.

That never happens with Kraken or Goliath, even in mid fight, where they go crazy with normal attacks. I can easily pin them down when needed, no matter what ability they are going to use.
Wraith on the other hand breaks it constantly and because she has stupid side attacks, harpooning here from semi-back (50% side 50% back) will cause your harpoon to break on closest frontal attack, not even aimed at harpoon, which is bullcrap.


I agree, both Kraken’s and Goliath’s traversal skills are nullified, when they jump or dash, they won’t travel any distance due to harpoon that hasn’t been broken yet.
Wraith on the other hand has like 50% shorter warp distance, which is …whyyy? I think I remember somewhere in stream back before it was released, that they didn’t want to do that because player wouldn’t know why their traversal isn’t working… seriously? (If I’m remembering this wrong, please correct me!)


yeah it already takes alot of skill to hit the warping wraith and you get little out of it i dont even get why abduct goes off if hes harpooned from behind

its so fun against a goliath you can basiclly be butt buddies with him once he tries to flee and not let him get anywhere

kraken i feel like harpooning mid fight is kinda useless as he has no movment abylity besides his traversal im mainly going for headshots in the dome and harpoon him when hes about to flee


With Kraken, if you keep holding him, he will be dragged/pulled towards you. So you can bring him down to your short range assaults. He loses altitude that way too, so even if he breaks free he is lower than he was before.


At first I thought Griffin was a liability against the Wraith but with time if you get good at spotting when they go for a decoy it is very satisfying to harpoon the Wraith and completely ignore decoy. Wraith in general it all comes down to comfort level and being calm, looking carefully at what’s in front of you and anticipating their path.


Welcome to the Griffin club!