Shout out to awesome XbOne players for the Voodoo Challenge


Sorry if this isn’t the right place to post this, but just wanted to give a shout out to gamertags About 24Midgetz, Bould3rlyObese, and Yorgi Schmorgi, who have spent the entire game they’re in right now letting my little brother hit them with rock throw after rock throw after rock throw for the past 20 minutes.


Sounds nice of them. ^.-


I want the skin as much as everyone else, but I don’t agree with this loophole…


TR wanted 1,000,000 rock throws in 3 days. There’s no way people weren’t going to do this. And personally, I’d much rather this happen for three days to ensure everybody who plays gets to enjoy the skin, rather than not do it and risk nobody getting it. That’s just my view, though.


vOv. Plenty of people were letting Griffin teams win last time. There will be competitive matches as usual, and some freebies - it’s not a big deal.


Who dares offend the great rock throwing god in the sky. Ask and you shall receive his rock throwing blessing heathen.


Nice, nice, nice!


Not going to lie, I’ve taken a couple Rock Throws to the face to protect teammates and complete the challenge…even if the teammate in question dodged.


So have I, along with many others I’m sure :stuck_out_tongue: By the end of the match, my brother had done a bit over 79,500 damage to the hunters with the rock throw. I don’t know what the damage number a stage 3 rock throw does, so I can’t give an estimated number of throws, but after a 30 minute game, it was a lot xD


Man, I just saw this! Me and Midgetz are glad we could help! the three of us love this game and we’re glad that there are awesome people in the community who are willing to just fool around every once in a while. Send us a friend request and we can play together!


Our pleasure man, be happy to play with you. I’ll send you one a little later today or tomorrow, my gamertag is bogart8it.