Shouldn't this be a thing?


If the monster eats half the body and Laz rezzed him, shouldn’t he have a strike? I mean that’s a fair trade off for the monster in my eyes.


or rez at half health maybe


Why not make them come back without legs or maybe arms? It would certainly make things interesting.


So in the end of the day it’s not Hunters, it’s Torvalds.


I imagine it’s ultimately balance/gameplay reasoning to why Hunters come back pitch-perfect health.

If, by lore, Laz were to rez a half-eaten person? Oh sweet baby Daisy… the horrors O.o

Unless the glove magically reconstitutes more than I was lead to believe from Lennox’s description of it, that is :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well if you’re going the realism way… all the Glove does in a nutshell is bring you back to life.
If Lazarus revives me after I got smooshed by a Rock Throw I’d just instantly die again. Pancake shaped Hunters tend not to grow very old.

But this is a silly topic. You already know the reason. Balance.

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What are the odds that the glove uses experimental generyst technology to revive dead cells in the human body? Basically rejuvenating the body with a medgun that brings back from death.

Actually now that I think about it why does the glove cause permanent brain damage when used multiple times? Why not any other kind of ailments? We need someone to make a analysis on this subject…


Well a dead hunter would still have a shit ton of injuries. I imagine that the Lazarus device uses the neurons in his brain to replicate any missing flesh and regrow it. So if Goliath ate Hyde’s lower body, he’d just grow it back.

Without pants, of course.


Careful, you’ll summon @ToiletWraith!

Things like that, you don’t even NEED a tag, honestly. She’ll come running. Like a sixth sense :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oo la la.


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It’s funny, I was thinking of tagging her, but I knew she’d find it anyways.


I mean, if it weren’t for ARK I’d be on this thread the second you mentioned Hyde.


U-uh… I mean… Ha! PFFF… What a dumb idea! Right?

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Wouldn’t that fix Torvald though?


The robot parts would block his human parts from growing. They’re already grafted on.


Think of the glove as a healing factor as well as a reanimation. Laz states that there are 100s of side effects “to many to count.”

Hence why when a body is decayed there’s nothing to actually rez with. Just bones. Same with water and acid. Rezing someone in water would mean the moment they came back they would drown since they had no air when rezed.


No, the fair trade is that if you eat half the body, then the body decays in a shorter time than normal. That’s enough of a trade.

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Maybe a machine has to scan the brain first and the glove would only bring back what they had AFTER the brain scan.


Laz is already gimmicky enough, really.

It’s kind of absurd that Monsters can eat fast enough to do it in Dome fights, somethimes between reloads, anyway.

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If you are having problems with Laz, I suggest picking Fire Breath.
Simply burn either Laz to death, or Hank/Sunny. Laz can’t outheal it.
If you picked Kraken then you got legit countered and have to suffer through it.
IMO maining a single monster is not a good idea. Stay flexible.

As for your suggestion, I disagree.
Being Laz is already hectic. You are a character all about death, but if two hunters die then you are basically screwed.