Shouldn't Rogue Val be buffed?


Seriously her Medgun’s healing speed sucks ass it’s so slow that the Monster will take down the Hunters so easily. Not to mention that this is on the FOCUSED target. What about the Medgun’s shared healing? It’s even worse.

Her Medgun’s healing speed of the focused target should be increased, but of course not as fast as Val’s healing, and her shared healing speed should be as fast as her current focused target speed.

And WTF is wrong with her Healing Field? Why does she have to be SO CLOSE to you and it heals so low like if she’s not even healing when you definitely won’t be so close to her when fighting the Monster? Her Healing Field should be her best healing kit for the price of staying so close, not her worst. Either increase it’s radius or make it heal very fast.

Please take at least one of the suggestions TRS.

What do you think of Rogue Val’s balance?

  • Too Weak
  • Balanced
  • Too Strong

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Val does single target healing, while Rogue Val does AOE healing (or chain healing) at the expense of low single target healing.

If you play Overwatch, Val is Mercy and Rogue Val is Lucio.

She is balanced. Stop playing her like she is normal Val and you’ll be fine.


She is balanced, to the point she is the hardest medic other than p.p. To down as yes healing is weak but self sustain is huge on rval to the point most monsters don’t focus her till last, and the weak healing though it’s weak again works in that favor allowing slightly longer team life.
Unlike EMET or caira who just become a target straight up rval has the self heal to require a dead support before a monster has a chance to down her


Well, I don’t play as her online, just offline and she still sucks. And when a player chooses her, I kick their ass.


I personally think Rouge Val is balanced right now. You trade off great single target healing for greater damage and group healing. Not to mention her self heal is ridiculous. If you buff her single target healing she’d be too overpowered


Why I’m saying this is because Monster player nowadays (including me) focuses only an a single target until taking them down. I’ve never met a Monster player that focuses on multiple targets at the same time.


Meteor Goliath and Gorgon don’t have to focus due to their DOT.

You rarely see even these monters split focus evenly, but splitting attention between a couple hunters is a good idea because it keeps the DOT up, and if the medic can only do single target healing, they can’t keep up other than to fly into the melee and use their heal burst, which makes them vulnerable.

The only way to beat a Val with a Hank is to pressure both of them. If you focus on one or the other, they will shield/heal the other.


I think her healing definetely deserves some love but nothing extreme, just minor tweaking.
I would love to know some numbers on RVal picks and winrates atm, all the rest comments above are just describing her loadout and strengths and are pointless in proving something imho.


Boom :slight_smile: I love this forums.


Papa does everything Rogue Val can do but better.

Definitely give Rogue Val something to set her apart. Maybe a longer maximum distance on the Medgun and a much longer distance allowed for the “chaining” because currently it only really works on poorly positioned Hunters that are all clumped together.


Pretty much. Poor Rogue Val.


PP doesn’t have a passive AOE heal, nor can he chain healing to teammates that are spread out.

They both have self heals … thats where the similarities end.


Evolve to Overwatch equivilant

Val = Mercy
Rogue Val = Lucio
Paladin Parnell = Ana

Paladin Parnell is more like Caira than Rogue Val.


Both force the Monster to prioritize a different target than the Medic first due to their great self sustain.

Papa has a better healing output.
Rogue Val supposedly should have a better self heal in return but

  1. Does she really though? Papa even got the damage resistance going for him.

  2. A better self heal isn’t all that useful. It just needs to be enough to discourage the Monster from attacking the Medic first, something both Medics do just fine.


Don’t do this again … ever


This still triggers me.