Shouldn't new tier four character SLIM have infinite 'jetpack'?


Hey, just thought this was an important point. If anyone has played as, played with, or watched footage of someone playing slim, you’ll know that he has wings. So, I ask, why does he also have a jetpack / have so little stamina that he can only fly for like 5 seconds at a time?? He looks pretty buff to me (lol), but I do understand also that along with his already powerful abilities, it would be unfair to give him unlimited/ really long ‘jetpack’, but I think it would be cool for him to have unlimited/ really long flight as long as he is 2 meters from a surface (and with no boost). Does anyone else think that would be a good mechanic? Please provide constructive criticism or add to the idea!


Yes, yes he does have wings and it would be cool but what could anyone do against infinite jetpack?

Absolutely game breaking.


Not sure if trolling or… you know the rest.


when watching the stream demonstrating the tier 4 hunters a few days ago the lady said that “he still has a jetpack bar because his wings get tired” which while maybe a quick and rehashed argument does make sense in its own way


Given the size of his body compared to his wingspan he probably gets tired very quickly so I can understand why he only flies for short periods at a time. However, I do kind of wish that they just didn’t give him wings if they wanted to stick with a uniform jetpack function. Doing a boost with his wings seems a little odd anyway.


Umm, what exactly are you referring to, I think I missed something?



I get the tired thing but also am disappointed that they gave a character wings and still used the boring jetpack system, which to be honest is the least interesting/ unoriginal mechanic in the game personally. Also, as I said before, I totally agree that a boost with wings that apparently aren’t sufficient for him to fly with for more than five seconds is just ridiculous. So, as I said, (and also in reply to ‘MeTheBigShow’) it would be interesting if he had a infinite/ super-long lasting ‘jetpack’ , but with which he could only fly about a couple of metres away from any surface, meaning that he could climb surfaces quickly like any other hunter, and fly close to the ground like any other hunter, but couldn’t use his flight to hover on the roof of a cave so any monster other than kraken (and goliath’s rock-throw) couldn’t hit him… Anyway, you get the point.


No I’m not trolling, I genuinely think this is a good idea, also I think that slim needs to be nerfed, like maybe his fly thing should have a recharge?? I don’t really know though, as I don’t have slim myself, but then again, I thought if you preordered the PC game, you got him free? Either way, Im pissed that he has boring old jetpack and that you have to pay for the new hunters (why, Turtle rock, why?).


It would be interesting, might even be a nice fit with the way his healing works. Still, I understand why all “jetpacks” have the same function and my stance is I would rather they never gave him wings in the first place if they’re strictly following that rule, cool as his wings are.


Lol, my man are you calling for a Nerf and at the same time calling for a buff to slims jet pack to make it unlimited… just pointing out the logical flaws their…

But yes jetpack SUXS… TRS FIX THIS!!! Gimme vehicles… Grappling hooks…
I DONT CARE… This is the future and we are colonizing other planets… But we haven’t come up with a form of propulsion that lasts longer than 5 seconds???


I think I share your opinion, but still, I think they should have changed the jetpack between characters from square one, like maggie’s equivalent of the jetpack could be riding daisy, who can run quickly and climb walls, and Markov’s could be a quick, far, lightning-dash in any direction that used all his ‘fuel’, and maybe all support character’s jetpack could be the same, as, if anyone, they seem the most jetpack-suiting characters, and then val could have sort of extremely maneuverable plane-type movement, as is shown in the trailer, and possibly even the same for all medics. Anyway, you understand my point.


Wow - I LOVE that approach,man , I never looked at it that way but, OMG ur right! Just WOW


Ok, got slightly excited there, that idea kind of overwhelmed me, but still, amazing


Im sure his wings get tired.


[quote=“miles_mungin, post:11, topic:50600”]
This is the future and we are colonizing other planets… But we haven’t come up with a form of propulsion that lasts longer than 5 seconds???
[/quote]So the fact that the jet pack has a fuel source that is light enough to carry AND recharges itself over a few seconds isnt enough for you?


I’ll bet flying is tiring for him, and he can’t keep it up all the time.


No its the fact that us humans apparently made a rechargeable power source that comes back extremely fast… And then they decided to attach it to a device that lasts all of 5 seconds… Why???

That’s not how science works… Hey Jim, wouldn’t u love a jetpack that let’s you jump and hover… But let’s cap that capacity of the propulsion system at 5 secs… We wouldn’t want it to actually be a viable way to get around


no he gets tired in his wings


…I am literally speechless at how stupid you are.