Shouldn't hunters be carrying their weapons with their feet? (Clickbait)

According to:

If we compare both a feet and a hand, we have the following:



The humble feet has precisely the same number of bones as the ones on your hands, and is perfectly capable of grasping given sufficient training.

Additionally, the legs attached to feet have THREE times the strength of arms, making them ideal with heavy lifting, such as for weaponry or for bludgeoning:

As proof of how prehensile and adroit our feet are, here is what a person can learn to do, given sufficient training:

Next, we see on this video here, that the hands and arms are perfectly adaptable for walking:

Why has man forgotten the art of walking with their hands, and manipulating tools with their feet?

The key fault for this lies in culture. According to the sociologist Thomas More, ALL THINGS ARE SOCIAL CONSTRUCTIONS.

An example of this is Gender:

Above: In some cultures, there are 5 cultures (some tribes in Indonesia), while some native American tribes have 3, but 99.99% of the world have 2.

This is passed down by cultural transmission, where some ideas are crystallised as habit, which are then transfixed as culture.

The idea of man walking on arms and using their feet as graspers is as much of a culture construction as gender, or even much more, since it is not limited to biology in as much as gender.

My point being: the idea that humans seem to walk on legs is no more than a bias caused by culture, that neglects that fact that, our legs and arms are both equally adapted for either tasks.

Therefore, hunters in Evolve should not all be what they are right now. Rather, some of them should have the following posture while hunting:

And this is how we should hold guns:

There you go: the “natural state” of man, now forgotten:


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Check out the research process for this stuff.

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Wouldn’t walking on your arms and hands do some kind of damage to your head?
(and neck?)

Pretty sure it would mess with your posture and also wouldn’t blood rush to your head?

I am just guessing here but it seems pretty self explanatory for what is probably wrong for your body.

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Yea the only way i would walk on my hands and learn to use my feet like that, is if i was a Dug.

It’s so clear now. How had I never realized it before?

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I love these threads, they’re light and entertaining and there is no issue with them as long as they’re categorized correctly.