Shouldn't console buyers get founder status?


I pre ordered the special edition for evolve on xbone and played it a lot and really enjoyed it. Just wondering if console buyers will get any perks in the future?


Once stage 2 hits consoles, you´ll be a founder there, with all the same benefits that pc players had, like all characters unlocked, and a crapload of silver keys


Sure, when Stage 2 gets on console.

You got the game on consoles you get the Founder Status on console.

Getting Founder Status on both PC and Consoles wouldn’t be fair, you didn’t adquire the game on PC.


To extra confirm this, yes all console players who have the “Legacy” Evolve, aka original game, will have founders status like PC, + the devs are looking to put some extra incentive for waiting so long,

Thanks to My Suggestion for that Idea :smile: