Shouldn't Behemoth be more resistant to slows?


When Behemoth was shown and players were concerned that he’ll be too weak to slows, we were told that he’d be much more resistant to them, and that even harpoons would only slow him down when rolling away.

So then, why wasn’t this done in a way we were told it would be?

At the moment, the easiest way to win against Behemoth is to spam slows, and you completely disable him.

Harpoons -> While they do not technically stop him, they slow him by 80-90% when rolling away from them. This is the same thing as stopping him completely, and don’t give me any BS that it isn’t.
Stasis -> Slow him by 80-90% when walking and by 50-60% when rolling. I get the walking part, but no other monster’s traversal is affected by stasis. Why is Behemoth’s destroyed by it then?

I really love playing Behemoth, even in his current buggy state, but this is just a game ender. If you run into a trapper that only spams slows whole game, it’s over for Behemoth. Harpoons are not that bad, as they can be broken and are only effective if you’re moving away from them, but stasis gun/grenade remove his ability to walk, and when he’s rolling he’s only as fast as a running hunter, so no chance to actually keep up with a running hunter.

Should defeating Behemoth really depend this much on harpoon/stasis spam?


There is an issue with his Rolling Traversal that is having too much slow over what was intended. The Devs are aware of this and are trying to patch it in.


Ah, that’s great. I really hope it’ll be patched. Any idea how affected by it he will be? Tbh, traversals shouldn’t be affected by slows, same as for any other monster. Unlike harpoons, stasis can not be cancelled, so traversals are often the only way to move in it.


His traversal is only supposed to be slowed by 10%. Currently there is a bug causing his acceleration to be slowed by 60%.

Right now slowing him after he is moving doesn’t do much, as intended, but slowing him before he starts moving is crippling, which isn’t intended.


Slowing him after he’s moving slows him by much more than 10%. I’d say closed to 40-50%. But yeah, I noticed that if he’s slowed and then tries to roll, he barely moves.


Here is the post from the Dev.