Should weapons get more customizable upgrades with the added buffs?


I notice when upgrading to a new tier that my gear would get buffs and I wonder should they get more customizable features. every hunter has there unique weapons and gear some perform better than others, and some feel there just trying to fill a slot. I don’t know if its the modern shooter in me but I feel the weapons should get more features, like when you to the next level in that weapon tier it will give you option on what upgrades you can pic in that tier, like focus more on scope that can track creatures better by showing outlines of them or more damage output or slower charge time. pick one in each tier before entering the match to better equip the hunters when facing the monsters. each gear should have its own set of upgrades to keep them diverse but unique.


I think they already explored this and/or similar ideas before in the process of designing evolve. They decided against most forms of customization in favor of hunter presets. They decided they wanted to design kits based on their uniqueness and not on interchangeability. If they decide to add to the customization that hunters experience, I would expect that it would be rather limited. For an example, they might add additional perks.


The pre-sets is what makes it fun. I don’t want this game to turn into a COD/BF where I go through the trouble of unlocking customizable gear like a laser sight for Markov’s Assault Rifle that further upsets the gameplay balance.

This game doesn’t need it and doesn’t have a place with how it’s designed. Not only that it just creates a power gap with people who don’t unlock stuff and the ones who unlocked more.

The pre-sets keeps everyone on the same playing field which I like and doesn’t end up to the point where it’s “oh god we have a Griffin who hasn’t unlocked the holographic sight, foregrip, and underbarreled grenade launcher for his SMG, we lost”.


oh no i dont mean all that stuff, i mean attachments that act as buffs, like increase damage but slow rate of fire, or a trapper sub machine gun with a change sight to track the monster when looking down the sights like prints stand out more or outline of the monster does, griffin need something like this because he has no way to track the monster unless you have bucket on your team, his low damage weapon leaves him the most vulnerable. maggie harpoon traps u can add a attachment to increase there range or allow them to stick to walls or val give her a buff to increase damage from her armor piercing damage bonus or give her scope bonus to tag the monster for your team, no changes like grenade launchers or 15 different scopes. i thinking more in line of battleborns dna tree. the buffs in game already makes the match unfair most of the time, most of the players when reaching stage 3 as the monster will hunt the other big ones to gain massive bonuses, hardly any team new or expierence will win in that situation. i played alot as the monster and was able to wipe a entire team as second stage with just one of these buffs.