Should We Have A Poll Option On This Forum?


Hallo, Squishie here. I’m just curious if there could be an option for future discussions: Polls. By polls (in case you got mixed up), is a list of options that people get to vote on. This can particularly be useful for topics such as “Who is your favorite monster?” and display two options: Goliath and Kraken. When users click on either option, the results are shown, giving the amount of votes for each option along with a pie chart, or bar graph. The Bungie forums do it quite well, and it’s easy and fun to use. I find it clever because rather than having people give their answer in the comments (which take up space), its all done above, and then the comments can be more on opinions and reasons rather than just answers. What are your guys’ thoughts? Coincidentally, this topic would work well if it was a poll itself.

Here is a photo of their early polls. If you were to see them now, they appear sleek, clean, and modern.

Poll: So who else bought the Season 2 Pass "blind"

There is actually a way to make polls, it’s been done before in this topic:

I just don’t think anybody knows how you create them apart from Turtle Rock


Oh. I think I recall seeing that before. But if so they should probably show us how. And hopefully its easy to use.


I imagine it’d be fairly simple, but yeah I would love to be able to make my own polls too :smile:


Gongrats on ur 1000 post, damn! And maybe its only a admin option?


Only just noticed that! And I honestly don’t know. I imagine there’ll be some sort of key to use to create one. Like how if you put a word between two star symbols (don’t know their real names) it turns emphasised


I actually remember voting in that poll. Silly me.


lol not sure how this was done! I shall find answers.


Were you able to find an answer for this? Apparently we wanted to start a poll regarding where you are living currently for forum members.


We do.

I direct your attention to my test thread…For all of you wondering just how to get a Poll to work on these forums… Closed Poll: This is what Polls look like

@DamJess Slacker! :wink:

For those curious, it’s rather easy. All you simply need to do is the following:

Upon creating your thread, you must use the title as “Poll: Insert Whatever Here”. The forums will then know you are attempting to create a poll.

Once you do that, you must first start your body with a list. Be it bullet or numbered. Each Poll option will be a new line in the list. Basically, your body should look like this…

- Option 1
- Option 2

You get the idea. Once you create the topic, it should convert it into a poll

Closed Poll: This is what Polls look like
First annual Shear Sexiest Monster Off!
Poll: Communtiy Made Monster Element Poll
How to make a poll in this forum?
Poll: Which Side does Evolve Favor More? Hunters? Or Monsters?

Thanks Kabuki, I saw as soon as you posted here and then the new poll showed up :slight_smile:


Aw, you posted it first! :stuck_out_tongue:

On top of that, you can’t create a poll by editing a topic. It has to be created as Poll: since the beginning. Just in case anyone’s wondering, it is kinda buggy like that.