Should we expect smething from TRS at E3 like trailer or something?

All in title, didnt read all so maybe i missed the answer. thx

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I would love to see something but I don’t think we will, at the most it will be like a teaser trailer with the title and nothing more I expect.

We won’t be at E3 this year, we’re hard at work on the game!


Thank you for the answer! have a good day TRS team!

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Hi Brayan, Welcome to the TRS forums, nice to meet you.

Well so far they are following their traditional route of progress. If they continue, I would expect a possible splash advert in either a magazine or online article talking about the game. I believe last time, a few days before e3 or maybe a month they released an article in EDGE magazine .

Magazines are all but dead but perhaps gamepro is still around?

Either way, yes. They need to release information every now and then to maintain market interest.


I know well…nothing about B4B, nonetheless I would still pre-order it today if I had the option. Will most likely be updating or buying a new PC in preparation for this new game. I bought a brand new PC prior to Evolve Stage 2’s release as well.

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Agreed. I’m just patiently waiting for it to go presale. We’re instant money lol!