Should we disable the leave timer for DLC charas?


When the behemoth comes out, I fully intend to forfeit my slot for it for the first week so others can have the chance to play them.

@macman Should we include a breif explanation to anyone who doesn’t have the chara and suddenly gets to play it also? Would save a bug report on being able to play dlc charas despite not having them. as its a feature


So basically you’re going to add to the players problem of having to play Monster when they don’t want to and also play a Monster they may not want to play?

Really no need to change anything for this abnormal behavior.


I honestly think people not geting the class they like being a big issue is lunacy.

You dont always get what you want


Can we agree it would be lame if people dodged anytime they didn’t get their most favoritest role?


It does have a spoiled brat mentality to it