Should we ask AngryJoe and others to rereview Evolve(TU9)


The game is changing tremendously. We just got new that now any hunter on the team can throw the dome, and trappers are getting a new Class Ability.

It’s also been teased support and assault have gotten new abilities too. Then there’s also the other huge changes, which you can see here:

So, does Evolve deserve a re review and do you think anyone will be convinced to do one?


Highly unlikely that they would out if the goodness of their heart.

I think if Evolve makes an ad and they see it, they might reconsider.

You can try bringing it to their attention though.


I actually think that some reviewers, given the level of change to the game, might consider re-reviewing the game. I think that what would be good though is that in advance of it fans of certain reviewers try to give them the opportunity to read up on the reasons for the changes. I’d be interested in what the likes of AngryJoe had to say, but I pretty much don’t have any faith that shock-reviewers like him would do anything but still focus on the DLC cost aspect of the game, or that they’d have the maturity to applaud 2k and TRS for the level of stuff they have put into the game for free (including the reworking of the game) and instead just petulantly do a “Well this is how it should have been from day 1” stance.

So… yes but no? I’m unsure. Probably.


I’m gonna say no, and explain why.

The biggest point many of the bad reviews made, and the biggest “NOPE” sign for a gamer, was “running simulator”, then they said it was unfairly balanced in the Monster’s favor. That makes the game look really unappealing. The reason they labeled it like this, is because they never learned to play the game. If they were to review it again, I very highly doubt they’d learn the mechanics of the game, work with a real TEAM, and actually put forth more than casual effort to play a game they already put down. Any case made for Evolve would turn out the same as the first time, except now the mechanics are even harder with the variants having weird kits, and Bob/Wraith being 100% different from their release versions, as well as the multiple new characters that were added with new, edgy stuff.

In short, it was too complicated for them back then, and will be now. Perhaps even more so with the new content and expansions to the game, plus the fact that TU9 (1.0?) will be entirely different from the first release.


That makes sense to an extent. With the dome change and no ft3, will there be a running simulator? Will it be very monster favored at low tiers? Only the devs know but my guess is it will be a shit ton better on both those front.

But again, you make a very good argument that’s hard to poke holes in.


Here’s what I’m thinking. Make a petition thingy and have it be sent to big name reviewers.


I think it would be a bad idea, competitive games like evolve get bad reviews because of how much time it takes to truly master it, and most reviewers can’t contribute that much time to one game.


Please Lord no.

Evolve just isn’t one of those games that big people should come back to. So many opinions and if one big guy gets the wrong opinion, then it will be just like the beginning.


I think the only person I saw actually review Evolve objectively was TotalBiscuit. And even someone like him didn’t stop to misinformed from hating on the game.

I’d say leave the reviewers well alone. The majority of them would likely still not review the game objectively.


So you’d rather there be no chance of there being good reviews? And even if one big guy reviews it bad, I don’t think it will be similar. Plus, publicity is publicity.


Just purely an opinion.


If I had a guarantee that they would put forth concerted effort and play the game to the fullest extent, really giving it a chance - Absolutely. As I said in my other post; none of those are likely to happen.

Evolve is a game that requires you to learn, otherwise you’re simply going to lose every match. Very few of the biggest reviewers actually try to play games. AngryJoe actively pisses me off when he simplifies games to look like their faults, and leaves out anything positive.

The issue is that the majority of people, especially reviewers and other youtubers, won’t take 20(probably more) hours to learn how to throw a dome in which a Monster can’t mitigate everything you try to do. None of them will learn every counter to every Support and which Medics need to be taken out before other characters. Not a damn one is going to realize Meaty’s DoT doesn’t stack, and he’s going to look like sad garbage, despite being fun to play, as well as capable of ruining someone’s day very quickly.

Again, if they would give an OBJECTIVE and experienced view, then it would be alright if they touched it again. However, I doubt that will happen and as such, it would only serve the game worse for them to have another bad experience because they simply don’t want to learn.


I would say no, as Angry Joe just doesn’t care, it’s come from him making really good reviews, with really good basis, but c’mon guys, how long has it been since his last “good” rating!?! Borderlands 2?

Don’t get me wrong, man, I love evolve, but they have never made a sequel to their reviews before, so what makes it so that Evolve gets a second chance?

I’m not trying to offend anyone, I’m just ranting that they shouldn’t re-review evolve as the results could be catastrophic.


Well in a sort of counter argument; you don’t need to know every little thing as long as your having fun. All of us were once in that first twenty hours and we still had fun or we wouldn’t still be here.


You’re right, nobody needs to know everything. But when those people have a voice millions of people listen to, and they don’t say good things, they NEED to know whatever they can to properly review the game.

Also, I was being really generous with the 20 hours thing. I highly doubt they would put more than 10 hours (still probably being generous) into it, and Evolve needs a lot more than that to get a real feel for anything in the game.

Fun or not, it’s the experience that speaks more, and if someone doesn’t have a good one, then they are gonna give a bad review. Even if it’s fun to lose, they still lost, and will say it openly.


His latest review of Battleborn I would call positive. He made some good points about the issues in the game and even mentioned he thinks the game has a lot of promise for the future. I also really liked his new style of a review which was much shorter, so good for him on continuing to make cool content. Sure the Evolve review was rough, but I do think he did bring up some points that we needed to address, and I think we have in TU09.

I may be the odd man out here, but I honestly would love to see people review the game again after TU09, or at least giving it another look. That is the whole goal right, to give everyone another chance to look at Evolve again and give it a shot to see how they like it. I have a lot of confidence, but we’ll have to wait and see how it all plays out.


I’m gonna make a beautiful review. You guys just gotta get it to the people lol

I’ll talk this game up! Everyone amd their grandma will be buying it!


why don’t we just include all of the good 2015 games that were drafted to the side, then? Star Wars Battlefront, Halo 5, Fallout 4, etc.


Why would we look at games like Fallout 4, Battlefront, Halo 5, etc. again when they haven’t changed all too much other than some DLC?


While I respect Angry Joe and agree to most of his reviews I too feel like he and other reviewers were too “casul” to do a proper review with the game. But the thing is that there will be a lot of “casul” players who pick up the game and so his view on the game is pretty accurate on how new players will see it.

While I dislike the light that he put Evolve in he did make good reasonable points (except the PayWall).

So long as people ask him to do a proper re-review while stating “Hey! They were just skins and look at all the free shit they put in WHILE getting a giant pile of hate and low support.” I think the new review would be something we can look forward too.