Should we add an option for "Dead Zone" adjustment? (Precision Aiming)

What’s A Dead Zone?
Skip this section if you already know. For the rest of you, here’s a quick primer!

Analog thumbsticks typically send input to your code in the form of two numbers: one for the X (horizontal) axis, and one for the Y (vertical) axis. Usually the number ranges from −1 (fully extended one direction) to +1 (fully extended the opposite direction), where 0 is dead-center. The assumption is that if you’re not touching the stick, it’ll return (0, 0).

In reality, though, thumbsticks vary in quality and wear out over time. You’ve probably used a gamepad at some point that had a loose or “wiggly” stick; in that case, the neutral position is just a little bit off from (0, 0), even though you’re not touching the stick. To your code, that’s indistinguishable from the player pushing the stick just a tiny, tiny bit.

Dead zones are simply a minimum input threshold, often somewhere between 0.1 to 0.2. If the input received from the stick is smaller than that, it’s ignored.

Have you ever played a game where the camera moved or rotated very slowly of its own accord, even though you weren’t touching the stick at all? That’s a case of a missing (or too-small) dead zone. (Curiously, I see this issue in a lot of Xbox 360 first-person shooters.)

So to sum up: dead zones prevent unexpected input from loose thumbsticks, which makes players happy. :slight_smile:

  • Yes, having that option would be awesome
  • No, aiming is fine (console)
  • I’m a PC player :smiley:

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My old Xbox 360 controllers have this problem but my XB1 controllers are all good.

@Seven02 You don’t feel any clunky/jerking feeling when aiming down the sights? Seems to be constant on consoles, but then again you wouldn’t notice if you play on a low sensitivity. I’d be interesting if a PC player could post an aiming test clip, just showcasing precision. For instance moving your reticle in circle motion and seeing how smooth you can keep it.

I leave my sensitivity set to default so maybe that is why. My 360 controllers have this for sure though. One likes to move on its own and the other is just sloppy.

The aiming is a bit stiff in Evolve on consoles, it would be nice if it was smoother. I haven’t hearn of any next gen controllers analogues being broke like that yet, but if it pleases people, fair enough.

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