Should Victory Skins Have Been Elite Skins


Victory Skins give me more of the “Elite” vibe that the current elite skins. Do you think that the Victory Skins should have been what the elite skins looked like?

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  • Victory skins would have been better elite skins
  • Elite skins are good for Elite skins

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One thing I like about the elite skins is that they look used

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Anything would have been better than the current elite skins. they are butt ugly.


Nah, I like the current elite skins. Navy and gold with white stars and stripes? Yes! Also, I like a lot of the little detailed carvings and what not. The Victory skins are pretty and all, but they don’t say elite to me.

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You know, if they implemented prestige levels or raised the cap, these would have made good top tier skins. Oh well though, at least these are pulling in money for TRS :smiley:


I dunno. I mean I like both skins myself. Something about that white coloring with the class-symbol on the tool itself looks nice. It looks cleaner. But the current Elites are pretty dope anyways and we didn’t have to pay anything for them so it doesn’t really feel right to complain. :open_mouth:


The elite skins would’ve been so much better if they were unique to each hunter or class, instead of them all being the same color scheme

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Elite skins should have been the American flag ya MERCUH


Lol not complaining I love the elite skins and use them on all my hunters but these really shine out I think and the class symbols on them makes it better

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I do love the Victory Skins, I’ll admit- they look very nice, clean, very attractive. But I feel like the elite skins are fine as is. :stuck_out_tongue: Just my two cents, though I totally understand what you mean. :stuck_out_tongue:

IMHO Night Hunter skins are the real elite skins. :wink:


Lol Victory and Night Hunter are the best skins and I’d buy them all if I had money and played hunter but oh well :stuck_out_tongue:

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