Should Turtle Rock Studios Reset Leaderboards?


Not right this minute of course but when all the patches come out and when TRS fixes the issue with people leaving/disconnecting and the match not counting as a loss and as the last thing they do for the game besides dlc.

Personnally I wouldnt mind and actually would look forward to it. Honestly the Leaderboards are inaccurate as is considering all the Resets and Quitters. I’ve been hit with the reset on both my Kraken and Wraith and got them pretty close to the top 100 again. Actually Goliath and Wraith are in the top 100 with Kraken pretty close. I don’t much care for Leaderboards but it bothers me more that it’s inaccurate and scumbags are at the top… I know slight contradiction.

Really just curious as to how everyone else would feel about it. I feel like that most of the people would be more upset by the reset if they were the ones that cheated to the top. I keep hearing so many things about boosted lobbies and so many other things and then players fighting High-Tier Monster Players only to find out that they are terrible and leave right before they die.

It is extremely frustrating to work for a Player Kill and just before that satisfying kill shot they leave and they don’t get punished at all in any way. Sure I heard TRS is doing something but it won’t mean much if the D-bags are still at the top with their “flawless” streak.

These are just my opinions of course but I look forward to see what others think.


I think that they should default the view of the leaderboards to the last month’s play (and continue to clean up the hacker entries). IMO you should have to work and keep working to be a “top 100” player. Leave the leaderboards as they are, it’ll only cause tears if they wipe them, but change the focus.

I agree that people should be punished from now on for leaving by having a loss on their record for it though, and I believe they were looking at that.


I would like them to fix the global average. At this time there is something very fishy about the global average.



We can have a little bit more of a conversation about this.


I’m in favor – not that I really care about it, but I think the amount of quitters have really screwed up any legitimacy to the board as it is. Once the quit penalty is implemented, I believe a reset is warranted.


The reason the Global averages are so low is because all of the hackers that gave themselves 1,000,000 wins tanked the average for all the classes. Each win that was hacked is a game with 0 stats so all those games count as 0 damage done, 0 harpoon traps hit, 0 healing done ect. This causes the global averages of each class to drop considerably.


Psst I want to hear more thoughts on this…

What have you seen from other games that you believe is fair?

How should leaderboard resets work? We want to hear from you guys!


The issue of “fair” is that everybody’s on the same plateau – what we have now is that the first hundred or more people up on the boards are mostly there because they quit before losing. Of course, that makes the names in that range who are there legitimately all the more impressive, but it would be cool to know that the list is representative of the skill of the player, not their quick-draw ability on the reset button.


I would love to see the leaderboards reset every 6 months or so, it would give new players a chance at the spotlight of top 15 and give something for the older players to aim for again. Resetting also lets people who had a horrid win ratio try again now that they are better. I see nothing but positives in a yearly or bi yearly reset.


Personally I would like to see the leaderboards reset after a certain amount of time, possibly even after each major balance patch. Having it be permanent means that if some guy has a lead on you, you’ll never catch up to them if they also play as much as you. Leaderboards should equate to more than just wins and losses too, it is no indication of skill right now.


Honestly, I don’t really care about the leaderboards. They’re easy to hack. Even when they aren’t hacked, it’s easy to game the system in some way or another to come out top. Until we get some kind of ranked matchmaking, I really don’t give any credence to the leaderboards whatsoever; and that’s coming from someone who has been near the top of several of them since the game came out.


I’m with twisted here as well. I’m pretty pleased where I am on the leader boards but I culd really care a less about them right now because so many people just cheated for the top spots.

Honestly, I think you would have more hurt feelings if you reset them rather than just start fresh in a ranked mode. That appeases those who want real leaderboards while also not pissing off all the players who actually worked hard for current leaderboard sports.


Quitting a match at any time while it’s in progress needs to count as a loss, I’ve seen that in many games, both casual and competitive, I don’t think it will cause too much strife.
A reset is also in order once that is implemented, as it should be.

Keeping a separate “Top Last week” and/or “Top Last month” category(s) along with the already current “All Time” category for the leaderboards would be a very nice touch, extra of course, but still a very pleasing and oddly enough very simple thing. :smile:

Just my thoughts and feelings from what I’ve learned before, I don’t particularly care much about ‘unranked’ leaderboards though, a real “Ranked” system is what I have stronger feelings for.



I think a good idea would be to reset the leaderboards after every set amount of time. You could cal it seasons or ladders or something. It would give the leaderboards and e-sport kind of feel. \

If you implement the ranked play that could just give you ranking or play against people of similar skill. You could also attach the ranked skill for leaderboards, Depending on what tier of skill you have depends on which leaderboards you are placed.

What does everyone think


I believe having more than just a win/loss ratio determine leaderboards will help. Take League of Legends for example, you can climb the ladder to become “Challenger” or “Master,” the difference is that anyone can do this regardless of when they join the game.

I’m not sure if that is helpful but having more meaningful metrics than win/loss would make leaderboard resets less important and playing the game more important. The issue with the win/loss system is there is no penalty for leaving (i.e. most games it counts as a loss) so you can just “game” the system to have a perfect ratio.

Keep up the great work! I love this game and you guys really are making it more fun with every bit of content you release :D. HYPE FOR THE 31ST.




Reset wins and losses, leave distance traveled and hours played alone! That way people who made progress before the patch are still higher up, but other than that they can start over if they either sucked bad in the beginning or the character got buffed/nerfed.


The problem with a leaderboard reset is that it punishes those who have limited participation while other individuals who, regardless if they abused previous mechanics, will find a way to dedicate the time or new strategies to regain their position anyways.

Since Evolve doesn’t currently count losses against wins I see no reason to reset the current leaderboards; however, I believe ranked play should have its own leaderboard that measures other metrics into the ranking, leaving the existing leaderboard alone.


Yes they should. No logical reason against


I kinda like the reset every so often idea. Or maybe some sort of rolling “past 30 days” leader board or something like that.

Also not sure how I feel about how they’re calculated… someone with 100 wins and 900 losses being higher than someone with 99 wins and 5 losses doesn’t exactly seem right. :stuck_out_tongue:

Same with the global average numbers (assuming those get fixed one day. haha)


Just a thought but doesn’t resetting the leaderboard also punish those that legit got to the top and put hours into certain characters and so means they have wasted all that time.

Also when they are reset people will just hack them again so I don’t think this reset is important or that needed as there’s other stuff that needs attention but with ranked mode a new leaderboard would be needed.

Just a point against resetting them :smile: