Should turtle rock implement a Hunter vs Hunter mode?


4v4 no respawns. Arena style. I know the name of the game is evolve but just think of how much new players this will attract and much fun it’ll be fighting another team of hunters? I know turtle rock has thought about it but why haven’t they gave ita shot? I can’t imagine it being hard to pull off. There will still be roles people need to play. It doesn’t have to be a Hunter v Hunter mode but why hasn’t turtle rock experimented with other game modes?


Not all the hunters would even make sense against other hunters. What would a trapper like Maggie or Griffin do? Plus there’s no way you could out damage any of the medics.


No. I hate to burst the bubble but this is a 4V1 game and based around a story which is hunters fighting monsters. A hunter vs hunter mode is just like any other shooter like cod, destiny, csgo and wouldn’t fit in with the mechanics of the game. I also don’t think TRS thought of that ever. However, multiple monsters vs more than 4 hunters has been talked about which you may have been thinking of. This is still is not going to happen as would be impossible to balance with out completely changing the game.


No. This should never be a thing. Why would they fight eachother ? It doesn’t make sense.
I play this game to hunt monsters. If I wanted to shoot other “people” I would play CoD or one of the other generic shooters out there.


what about a 5v5 mode. 4 hunters + 1 monster on each team.


Lol i remember a thread where someone (not trs) was thinking about 4+1 vs 2 monsters. it would be neat but again like everyone else said, something that would never happen


Sorry to shoot you down, but a thousand times no. Also, we have had multiple threads discussing this. @Buckets_Sentry_Gun


ehhh no. @Buckets_Sentry_Gun


Why? Why would a monster work with hunters? Why would hunters work with monsters? What in this game supports that at all? Makes no sense.



for science


Yes, this has been discussed before, but the other threads are either old or closed, so I’m leaving this thread open.

It seems like a lot of people don’t agree with this idea, but still, we can still have a discussion and share our opinions in a friendly way :smile:

So yeah, OP, that would be super crazy, I think Bucket would be insane in that mode xD

Edit: Btw guys, one tag is enough to bring my attention, just a friendly reminder :smile:


“No.” So quick to shut it down, wow okay


Not quick to shut it down. Just trying to avoid multiple threads about the same thing.


That’s not even an answer. It doesn’t make sense lore-wise.


The last thing this game needs is another mode. We have playerbase issues before we start splitting them into different queues for optimal matchmaking times.


Well @Buckets_Sentry_Gun did say that they’re either old or closed, so technically, it’s not multiple


Nevertheless, let’s stay on topic alright? :smile:


I understand the game started as a 4v1 game but it doesn’t necessarily have to stop there. BF COD etc are popular because of their multiplayer. Evolve is a much better game but lacks content. TRS are have difficulty getting new players so why not piggyback off of the success of done of the biggest FPS of all time? Doesn’t have to be Hunter v Hunter but maybe 5v5 each team consist of a monster no respawns or free for all . First to kill the monster idk just something



4v4 probably wouldn’t be a straight up “hunters killing each other”; most likely an objective based game type.

Who can:

  • Save the most civilians
  • Destroy the most eggs
  • Kill their respective monster the fastest ect.

Because let’s face it, as said earlier, some hunters would be useless in the game type. So it wouldn’t be smart to have it as a hunter hunting other hunters. (I tried looking for that hunt for the truth ad where it’s like “hunty hunters hunting the hunty…”)


I like the idea, but some characters have distinct advantages over others (Hank’s orbital etc).

What could work though are objective based game modes, as @Hippaforalkus suggested.

I personally would like to see something like capture the flag. Don’t know how, but it would be nice.