Should TRS have done a single player campaign Instead of evacuation!?!?!


Would a single player campaign help evolve more than evacuation? I think it would. Plus no one even play evacuation (that no one being me) and why would they put so much money and effort into in to this replay able campaign when the only difference in campaign to skirmish is that there is a map effect, extra Xp and a crappy story. Why couldn’t we have gotten an open world experience or a campaign like halo with a great story with cool twists in the plot.

Let me know if you like what TRS did.

P.s I still love this game!!!


No. A single player campaign wouldn’t make much sense at all considering the gameplay mechanics. They would have to explain multiplayer loopholes like respawning and many other things.

Plenty of people play Evacuation. I spend most of my time there until I can get max level. I really like playing with the map effects


We’ll you wouldn’t have the classes just a character who has mission to complete and would fight wild life with an occasional monster.


Ummm… That sounds terrible tbh.

The hunters are based around the 4 classes fighting together.


call of duty seems to explain multiplayer loopholes pretty well.


Call of Duty is not evolve, you are just a nameless soldier, your ‘respawn’ is just new fodder.


I don’t think Evolve really needed a single player campaign. I hate when games really just trying to make a multiplayer experience, have to crowbar a campaign in. I mean they are hardly ever good in games like COD, and battlefield. If I really want a single player experience I will go and play Dragon Age, or something.


Skyrim ftw on so many levels. Gears of war did well


Flame me for this all you want, but I really think Titanfall is on to something with their attempt at a multiplayer campaign mode. With more time and care, I think Evolve 2 could create one hell of a “campaign” by doing something similar to what Titanfall tried.


What is this Evolve 2… What could they add to Evolve that wouldn’t be achieved through just more DLC for the main game?

Game sequels shouldnt just be like movie sequels… unless it is specifically a story based game, which Evolve is not


I love multiplayer campaigns. Even in RTS, Red Alert had a fantastic system of co-op campaign. Emperror: Battle for Dune too.

I approve, and think it’s going to have a better/longer lasting system if your campaign is multiplayer.

I would LOVE a L4D style campaign set on Shear though…


Single player campaign I dreamed about waiting for Evolve will actually be provided by the Witcher 3. But not in a SciFi world :-/


I don’t think evolve 2 is coming out, it’ll be like destiny, dlc till it makes sense to stop. Titanfall was cool but disappointing. I’m curious to see what the 2nd will do
Well I don’t see a need for a second destiny anyways


I like the idea of Titanfall, and the multiplayer campaign mode. Its just in titanfall no matter who wins the match the same outcome happens story wise, so its pointless. If they changed this I think it would be awesome.

@XkrSkorpion Oh yeah Gears had a fun single player campaign.


Wolfenstein the New Order did not disappoint on campaign gameplay, as matter of fact, that’s all it was lol


Did I miss something? I don’t get what you are talking about Oo

I was mentionning the witcher 3 because it is about hunting monsters!


Oh I was just bringing up more single player games


Ok :stuck_out_tongue:
Well I didn’t play this one but if I want to hunt monsters on a campaign there is not much choice around! Witcher 3 it is…


Yeah choices are really only Witcher 3, or Shadow of colossus for hunting big monsters.


left 4 dead 2???

No amount of dlc is going to create a big player base for Evolve; their dlc plan is exactly what scared off a good 50% of the people that might have played the game. Evolve 2, when not marketed by morons, could right the ship and gain the supporters they initially would have had.