Should they create master skins for the monsters?


Right now the elite skins can be obtained quite quickly. Could master skins be created for the monsters and are unlocked after some 200 wins with the character?


Yes. But 200 FULL matches, start to finish, without parties.

200 is a god figure. Elite Skins are one thing, but this would signify absolute dominance. Another thing I’d love to see would be a “God Skin” if you will. Perhaps the first Monster to achieve x, y and z? Example, first monster to win 1000 games. And there would be only one (or a few, I guess, say fifty) skin(s) per platform, and if you played one of these guys, you’d shite your pants.


I honestly don’t like exclusive skins. I think every player should be able to get every skin if they grind long enough for it.