Should there be another free weekend?


Well since all of tier 5 is out it might be a good idea for TRS to do another free weekend and make the new tier free for the weekend. It could bring previous players in who didnt get the dlc and mgiht want to play and some current players who haven’t gotten the tier 5 dlc and in general bring new players in the game.


Hmm, I don’t know. Maybe, I have all the characters so what would I use it for :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes I think so, it would increase the fanbase as well as more games


it isn’t always about me or you man plus it would be fun in general but of course we would all have to lighten up on the noobs :stuck_out_tongue:


I wouldnt be surprised if they do another one after 9.0, and get some hot-patches out after it once the dust from it has settled.

If they finally get most/all of the “polish” that evolves needed since launch done- AND have the game in a much more fun/balanced state- Thatd be a GREAT time to introduce it to a lot of new people. One can hope.


Personally, these are my thoughts.

  1. Do a free weekend after 9.0

  2. Allow no DLC on Friday, allow Tier 4 to be playable on Saturday and, and allow Tier 5 on Sunday.

  3. Anyone who buys the game or previously owned the game before the free weekend gets a skin or something.

These are my ideas.


Yeah. But they need to make all of the skins free. I shall then go on a skin-downloading spree.


At some point yes, if only to stay relevant.




I don’t play much online as my internet is horrible, but I could definitely see the benefits of it.


There should be no free weekend until TU 9.0 is released with flee till 3, invis Wraith, bugs, frustrating Laz and all other toxic things, gone.

This will make the game much better and less frustrating experience for new possible players, increasing the chances that they will stick with game for much longer


In addition to that, I would like to see a challenge in that weekend, like the following:

  • Complete the Mastery for all of Tier 1-3 and you get (50-100)% off the base game. (Entire weekend)
  • Complete the Mastery for any Tier 4 or 5 character and you get (50-100)% off this particular character (only Saturday/Sunday)

@LadieAuPair is this even possible?


I feel that any free weekend is positive on the numbers if it encourages people to buy, however I would also say that TU9 is a big set of changes, and it’d be sensible to let them bed in and observe them for a while before pushing the free weekend button again.


Agreed. For all we know, some changes might be worse than it is now. I have full faith in TRS that that won’t be the case, but it’s best to just wait a bit and see how the changes pan out


If the upcoming TU goes right, I would love another free weekend. The ques and noobs are never easier than on free weekend ;).


We need more player base

I think 9.0 is the way to go

After solving left issues and making the game more balanced and more entertaining


As massive as 9.0 will be we will need to see what other bugs it may bring and what new meta and new imbalance blah blah it will bring.

When it is all taken care of and Wraith doesn’t feel like she’s holding back and thinking about half of her attacks then we can hope for a solid free weekend.

I have no problem for streaming and explaining the game for some-odd 200 viewers like last time. I’m pretty sure I sold the game for at least 15-20 of them.


I wouldn’t say it’s impossible, but it wouldn’t be easy. And the immediate thoughts I have on how it would work isn’t the smoothest experience for the user.

Basically, if confirmed with telemetry that you did that, we’d need to get you the discount. There isn’t a way to tell first party stores - hey make it cheaper for just this one player. So we’d have to… I dunno, send some sort of coupon? But how would we send it, the email linked w/ my2k? But how would that work? It’d probably have to be done manually per person. And then figuring out the whole coupon thing with first party so they’d be happy…

So, I would say that we probably wouldn’t ever do this.


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It’s what I do.


titanfall was free on its anniversary, as was all its dlc.