Should the Lazarus Device become usable in water?


If you play Lazarus as your preferred Medic this has probably happened to you a few times. You’re fighting the monster and a team member gets incapped and knocked into the water during a monster battle, or an encounter with a Tyrant leads to being incapped. You can’t use the Lazarus Device because it’s a piece of equipment and cant be used while in water / swimming. Which takes away the main gimmick of Laz. As a monster player i love this, as a Lazarus player i find it frustrating, you could attempt to hover over them with the jet pack but it is easier said than done.Considering how often this happens and Laz in general i personally wouldn’t say it is a big deal if anything it adds some extra strategy to the hunt, and going down to wild life is all on you. I just wanted to see what other people think of this unfortunate situation, and see what people think about “Water Proofing” the device.


You do that and poor Goliaths can’t eat.,


Laz < Puddle = omg

Yes please fix…so tired of a puddle being the demise of a hunter. If your smacked into deep water…well…thats on you =P


Interesting dilemma. I have had this happen while playing Laz and it is frustrating. But, I was just thinking that this could be another layer of strategy the monster can use when picking his spots to fight. Can a downed player be healed or revived by med gun or any other medic gun while in water?


I agree with this.


Yes. He should. There is no reason not to have this, Laz is weak enough.


So, this have already been answered.

What I’d like to see is if bodies could float, because it’sm pretty easy to hover over a body while using the Lazarus device, but sometimes the water is too deep and the body sink out of range.


Yes, but the medic would have to be on land or in the air to activate said healing equipment because they are all ranged healing items / equipment. Laz has to be close up to the body to revive it.


Yes, I know. I was just curious as I’ve never really payed attention to if they could or not. It seemed like it was a targeting issue, but if other medics can target a downed played in water it isn’t a targeting issue.


Its a game mechanic, no equipment usage in water, so it is a neat mechanic that goes into skills and strategy for fighting a monster. I do have to agree if you die to wild life well… that’s to bad.


If anything the targeting is too good. I’ve fired Val’s med gun through the edge of a cliff and through wild life a few times, Healing grenades also have a good radius.


The odd thing is, you can actually revive people who die in water. You hover over their bodies and revive them with the Lazarus Device. Tricky to do though.

And a lot of times the body instantly decays when it dies in deep water. Which is unfortunate since a skilled Laz still has a shot at reviving them.


When they die in deep acid it makes sense to instantly decay. I’m just glad the old bug where dead hunters fell through the map has been cleaned up.


Has it? I thought that still wasn’t solved. Got a dev to confirm that?


Laz through the map is not fixed =(
I thought it was but I played Laz a couple of times and it stills happens every now and then.


Guess i should watch the phrasing, to me personally the dead body bug hasn’t happened since about a week or two before the Tier 4 DLC was released, considering how often i play and the couple of patches and updates that have been added i assumed it was cleaned up. Sorry for the confusion.


Nah, I’m fine with it. Weapons don’t work in water, Laz device is a weapon. One strike won’t ruin our chances. Teammates fault for goin into deep water. Or the Monster decided to use water to his advantage.
Strategy at its finest.


It has not. No word on when it will be.


Yet I’m still wondering how there is 9 replies and the thread hasn’t been closed…


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