Should the Kraken perform melee attacks w/its "wings"?


The Kraken has these giant meat cleavers for hands, so why does it use its “wings” to perform melee attacks? I mean, look at that image & tell me those hands aren’t made for eviscerating!

Animals in the wild don’t use their wings to attack BC they can’t risk damaging their main form of mobility, especially considering how fragile they are. The Kraken doesn’t look to be an exception & the in-game animation for those attacks looks pretty awkward, IMO. Very awkward.

I wish TRS would make the Kraken melee attack utilize its hands rather than its “wings”.


I doubt his hands are powerful enough to deal as much damage as wraith’s and golaith’s normal attacks. Also, I could be wrong but it doesn’t seem that kraken hands can be electrically charged, and part of the damage from his normal attacks comes from his electricity. Te other part is the kinetic force used to swing his wips.


His wings are the source of his electrical attacks, he uses them to fuck you up. Like being whipped with an electric eel.


Why shouldn’t he? The guys at TRS designed him and made him that way, I don’t see where the questioning comes from something created out of nowhere by someone else; they tell you how it works because it came out of their minds. And being a sci-fi/fantasy/make believe creature, there can be any justification to what and how he can do, but it’s their explanation to make.


He doesn’t want to get blood on his fingers…he’s very cosmopolitan.


I imagine he doesn’t need to be that powerful considering the size of those swords attached to his fingers. One of his fingers seems about equivalent in size to a Hunter. I don’t believe you’d need much power to do anyting with that kind of weaponry.

I get that the “wings” generate electricity, but part of my gripe is how unnatural it looks for the Kraken to be attacking with them.


Like me, I try to not get blood on my hands when I do my routine killing


I totally get that. My main issue is that a animal doesn’t attack w/their wings BC it is a major liability if they get damaged. Additionally the animation looks pretty awkward to me.


I explained my reasoning. Maybe my title was a little too aggressive for you taste but there was no ill intent.


Eh it does look a little unnatural sometimes


I’m totally being nit picky BTW, I realize that. :relaxed:


They’re tentacles, not wings. And they conduct electricity. And generate plasma.


He uses “wings”


I know they aren’t wings. Hence why I put them in quotes. The quotes are merely used to illustrate the point I elaborate on in the description of my post.


I know. I’m not quite sure what it is today but I feel hyperactive. Hahaha. Hahahaha. Hahahahaha. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


GOD, you need help


I can help myself. I merely choose not to.


If their wings were coated in poison or could light people on fire they would. lol


Yeah, it’s ok, but I see this kind of thing happening quite a bit and I find it a bit annoying, sorry. There’s really no reason other than “because”, for things that are made up, heh.


If I had a quarter for all the times I heard that…