Should the game really tell the monster "You are being tracked by X"?


Anybody else feel this is unnecessary and what basically amounts to passive meta-gaming in favor of the monster? The game shouldn’t tell the monster it’s been tracked by Bucket’s UAV, the player should see it and make a judgement on whether he has been tracked or not. Likewise this applies for Abe’s dart gun, which also gets a ridiculous flashing warning “You have been tagged!” in the top left, maybe you could argue the monster felt it, but it still annoys me.

It takes away any chance of the hunters being able to coordinate some kind of plan around the monster’s passive farming movements, because he’s well aware he’s being tracked because the game told him and is now gunning it away from them.


Should the game tell the hunters KRAKEN IS STAGE 2?

Hunters and Monsters need some help equally ;/


How is that in any way equal?

What does a Stage 2/3 notification tell you? “Oh he’s stronger now? Guess we need to fight harder.” What do you gain or lose from knowing this? Nothing.

What does a tracking notification tell you? “They know where I am, better bolt even though I gained this information through no input of my own.” It makes you suddenly change mindsets from passive farming to fleeing. It’s passive meta-gaming, the act of knowing something you shouldn’t so you can adequately react to a new situation.


They also hear me.They can navigate through my sound.I am also invurable for those 10 seconds.And if they were near now they know/heard that i am somewhere there unable to do something for 10 seconds.

So its like a monster player asking to remove the sound and message for evolve phase


I have no idea what you just said. If you’re referring to seeing the monster evolving and being vulnerable, players can do that without being told quite easily. It’s not hard to miss a giant oozing ball of mass that starts roaring and spitting fire/plasma/electricity and call a Hank airstrike on it. Being told the monster hit level two or three while this is happening gives me no tactically relevant information that can help me kill you.

Again, a monster being told it’s tracked when the player has no knowledge of this happening is a very casual friendly feature that shouldn’t be there. It wasn’t there in the alpha, you didn’t know e.g. Bucket tracked you with his UAV.


I am not saying SEEING the monster evolving.I am saying HEARING the monster.Yes having just the message is nothing.But when you see monster is stage 2 plus hearing growls you know exactly where to go to find him(pressuming he is somewhere near).

Anyway that would lead in most matches ending with the monster dead at stage 1.If you know where he is and the monster is unaware of that,you can just surround him and dome him.Easy stage 1 kills.Not fair.


You gain a lot by knowing the monster has just staged up. He gives his location away, you know his attacks will be stronger, he’ll have more health, and he’ll be vulnerable with 0 armor if you can get to him quickly.

Experienced hunters don’t just fallback to the generator at stage 3, they hunt down the stage 3 before it can armor up.

Why should the monster not know it’s tracked? There would be no other visual indication and no way to know and respond to the situation.


Then how come that didn’t happen in the alpha? Again, there were no notifications for being tracked when Bucket spotted you with the UAV.

Frontliner, why SHOULD the monster know it’s been tracked outside of voice lines by the hunters or seeing e.g. the UAV/dust cloud/tracker shot? It takes away one of the elements of hunting something. It stops being hunting and starts turning into a Benny Hill sketch when the monster gains meta-knowledge of all forms of tracking used against it. There was nothing wrong with the alpha system.

What if the monster knew it was being tracked by Griffin’s sound spikes? In fact does it? Because if it does that’s pretty dumb, it can already sneak through them.


About Griffin.No he can only see them if he smells and destroys them.

Anyway give the Monster a sound that he is being tracked just like the hunters get sound-notifications and w/e remove the message


Why should the Hunters get a notification when one of their allies is attacked by wildlife that renders you helpless? (IE: Plants, Megamouth, Tyrant. And when an Allie is pounced?

#“Hurr strategic advantage”
If the monster did not know he was tracked he would pointlessly farm when suddenly hunters out of balls nowhere, and kill him. This gives the monster a fighting chance


if you don’t want that maybe they should take the birds notification out. Let them look for the birds on their own instead of just magically having a notification. I never liked the bird thing myself, since it’s pretty bad that it works when you have NO los on the birds.


The bird thing is kinda trapjaw shit, I agree.


I think the monster would have an idea something up when it feels a little prick and suddenly the conniving humans seem to know his every move or when that annoying buzzing thing just stares at you and suddenly the same situation occurs. The point is the monsters aren’t stupid and they know when somethings up. The Alpha was also a test to see what needed changing and I guess they decided the Monster needed to know he was being tracked in order to better plan out his next move


Wildlife is already practically harmless to the Monster - realistically I’d like to see Tyrants kill level one Monsters, and other seriously wound them.


If they add a competitive game mode that should not display


No I was referring to the HUNTERS getting notifications about their allies under attack. Like the skull when a hunter is attacked by a Tyrant or something.


My point was that Wildlife is already unrealistically slanted against the Hunters.

I’d be fine with no warnings - if the Monster could fall prey to environmental hazards.

That said, it isn’t entirely unrealistic that Hunters would carry devices to communicate out of earshot; and that they would call for help.


Yes there was. There has been since he was revealed at E3.

Game mechanics should be clear. Why is there a targeting spot for Leap Smash that is visible to hunters? To clearly communicate the Goliath is using an attack and not a leap. The game is not meant to be confusing. Clarity is needed to some degree to promote strategic and interesting play.


There is a difference between clarity and what tactical information is given - particularly in a game where it is as important as Evolve.


To that I would say then that the Hunters should not be notified when birds are startled… Unless there will be a hard mode, with no hud warnings? I think that could be pretty fun… But very time consuming