Should the 5th monster be a psionic?




Whatever it is. It should focus on combat, not hiding. The one constant in this game is that chasing around a monster who does everything they can to avoid combat until stage 3 (even while caught in a dome) isn’t fun.

I’d like to see a monster that can block incoming damage or return it back to hunters. Make future monsters focus on fun-to-fight-when-domed. Besides just running, all current monsters have no defense aspect to their gameplay.


While I get what you are saying Mike, Behemoth (once he’s fixed) does encourage fighting pre-evolve. Evolving removes all your armor, so even at lvl 1 its sometimes worthwhile to engage combat to try and take down a hunter’s health bar by one - you’re going to loose the armor anyway so why not make it count.

As to the OP, I’m pretty sure they said the 5th is likely to be a shapeshifter. Can’t quote where, but I believe it was heavily implied in an interview.


My opinion, it’s gonna be the Host. They’ve been working on him this entire time and are going to find a way to make him work and use him as the 5th monster. That’s my bet. TRS doesn’t give up on a concept they think is cool! Look at Wraith!


O, I wasn’t saying there aren’t monsters that focus on combat. I really like goliath, kraken, and behemoth. I only meant that future monsters should avoid the wraith problem. Stealth/rogue monsters are a great idea in concept, but when they are played, people just hide until stage 3. It isn’t fun chasing and chasing even after a successful dome.

If it turns out to be some sort of shape shifter, I hope that doesn’t mean it will rely on hiding to stage 3 for a chance at victory. The hunt is fun, but when your reward for a dome is a slippery monster that doesn’t want to fight, it’s just not fun.


I think the Host eventually merged to become Kraken - with the Void mines taking the place of the Host’s minion-spawn. But again its only from memory so could be incorrect.