Should switching from 30 fps to 60 fps be difficult?

Evolve, Skyrim, and Fallout NV. All games that I am used to seeing at 30 fps that bother me now. Not just these though. Pretty much any first person game that I can run at 60 fps makes me feel kind of dizzy and strains my eyes. Is this because I am adjusting or am I imagining it? I have considered taking Dramamine to see if it makes a difference.

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It’s just adjusting.

Sooner or later you’ll see you can’t play at 30 FPS anymore, haha.

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I don’t know about that. I still play my xbox more often. I am hoping to find a middle ground!

how long ago did you start playing in higher refresh rate?

I think it’s same thing when watching movies that are in 24/48 fps… I have no issues with playing games on 144Hz monitor using it to the fullest, but watching movies is different. i’ve seen hobbit in theater and then watched the trailer for 48 fps version:

not feeling bad, but it has this sope feeling. We were brainwashed that movies are the best in 24 frames, but that’s BS, it was a technical limitations that is not an issue now, but since we were watching movies for DECADES in this format, it somewhat stuck, and now anything but 24 feels different. Some people though, can’t make the jump, so there is that as well…

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