Should Sunny's Armpits be unshaven?


Since the timeline of Evolve is set in the future, we can only assume that equal racial and gender representations have been achieved.

This means that women should be allowed to do whatever they want with their bodies and not be forced to have their armpits shaven.

Should Sunny therefore be allowed to go unshaven as part of gender equality?


Wheres a follow feature when you need one? Id follow you.
And yes, cuz Sunny can do what she wants


What if she likes shaving them?


Who’s to say she doesn’t like to shave? Just because you’re given an option doesn’t mean you want to follow the other course of action. This is my biggest issue with many ‘equality’ debates. If you’re forcing people into another sterotype to break an old sterotype you’re just rebuilding the issue.


Give her an elite skin with unshaved pits.


well really its her opinion whether or not she wants to shave


I wish I could follow you, it’s like we THINK the same way. Must be our transcendence to the 4th dimension.


Ha, where does it say that women are forced to shave their armpits? We already can do whatever we want. The future is now. Some of us just prefer the look and feel of no hair there.


Maybe she likes to be pretty. She’s got lipstick and dreadlocks.
Add a female gender fluid Assault that looks like Hyde with hairy armpits, that would be better.


Obvious troll is obvious. 0/10 would not fall for ever.


I don’t think I can roll my eyes hard enough. It might kill me.


what the fuck


Feminazi confirmed.


I like Sunny how she is. From her shaved pits, to carrying a mini-nuke launcher ^^


Don’t you know? The feminists lost the great equality war of 3052. All hub woman are slaves to the gender stereotype overlords. The only place to be free is in The Arm, but Sunny was unfortunately caught by undercover shaver agents and thus cannot grow armpit hair ever again.

This is all cannon. Trust me. My grandpa works for Nintendo. :smirk:


Sad day when this is what morons come up with to troll…


Not this bullshit again. Gender equality is none-existing. There is a point in your life where your genes split you up and make a vagina for woman and a penis for men. With this comes different instincts and social behavior. The need to be taken, or the need to take. Even the future will have dumb people protesting for dumb reasons because they are not getting what others are getting out of life. Woman are different from men, I think even history has concluded this by the forever asked question of men “How do I understand my wife?”. We have (should have) the same rights, yes. But it doesn’t mean we are the same.

Sunny is a girly girl in a man’s world. She also is Asian. We don’t know if she is a natural redhead but trust me that men will NOT like either an Asian girl, nor a redhead to have body hair showing. Maybe in the future, but I really don’t think so. If something, body-hair will decrease even more in the future as it is already doing so in the evolution of man. Men will also STILL like their woman as feminine as possible and that will include shaving. Girls who do shave get more men than girls who don’t. Stereotype will keep existing. Men will also keep training to keep a nice body up. As long as men with great bodies score more woman than men with a normal body. Men will keep doing this.

There are even birds who put sticks and pretty things between their feathers to look more beautiful for the other birds. It’s all a lie, but these are animals, and so are we. People tend to forget this a LOT.

This means that this statement is total bull. They already can. They still can in the future, but they won’t. Not unless men are going to like body hair on woman. Even the majority of lesbians shave most of their “unwanted” body-hair.

Not gender equality, not all men have beards. Not gender equality, female mustaches are attractive. Not equality, being fat is an attractive feat. This discussion is for people that have been convinced of reasons more stupid than a child’s discussion. It’s trying to achieve what? Because IF gender equality should be fixed in this game you have no clue at all.

Val: Short haired spy agent, no boobs, pants that are a little too tight for need, but enough to make her sexually appealing. Talks like someone who has seen a lot of bullshit herself. Independent female with aim for higher goals

Maggie: Has seen some shit, still a viable personality that leans a lot on her being alive. Little appeal to her sexuality although Hyde wasn’t looking at that neck-less. A female survivor that got a bigass dog.

Caira: Highly intelligent, young and very pretty. Is a little naive and plays around with her feminine side. She let’s you fall in love with her personality in combination with her looks, but never sells herself this way. She is striving to help people, not herself.

Sunny: Happy and motivated every day. High-class engineer that repairs and improves everyone’s gear. Feminine, but not selling herself sexually at all. Clothing covers her ass, and she also has little boobs. Her personality you either hate or love, not even one hint to being a stuck-up feminist “let’s grow hair everywhere” mentality.

A LOT of the men are put down as stereotypes in this game. They are either bounty hunters, hunters, miners, soldiers. The woman in this game are put in a very high spot and they all seem to have reached this place themselves. If anything this game needs people like you to stay quiet.

Equality today is being able to do whatever you want with respect for another. This same equality is bound by the social rules of today, meaning that if you choose to look like a fat hobo, people are going to treat you as one. And if you want to be more unattractive to the opposite sex, you can do that without a problem. But shouldn’t complain when someone else, someone with the same equal rights as you doesn’t find that appealing at all.

This mental state of people that want others to respect them for who they are is bullshit. You aren’t the same, and some people will find it unattractive, offensive or hideous. With this post you are forcing YOUR vision on a game that already puts woman on a high pedestal. I say, fuck off please. Stop spreading this manipulative bull-crap around and accept how some things are. Don’t use words like ‘gender equality’ for spreading a virus that is called LIES to fill your need to level the playground so the world becomes more fair.

The world we live in is pretty damn equal. Most people are just too blind to F’ing see it…


I feel as though you aren’t aware of what exactly Galactoids threads pertain.
In short.
Never take it seriously


Women are not forced to shave their armpits I’m 2015 my friend.

There always has been and always will be ideas of ‘beauty’ shared across society, for men and women, to conform with that is a choice we all have, not just men. :smile:


I just find this hilarious