Should "Sneak" Pouncing have a base damage?


When the monster grabs you, no matter what it has damage, even before it starts beating you to death, you get damaged. I think it should be removed. All that happened was a simple tug to the ground.


This could go either way. Currently sneak pounces in the middle of combat can be nullified by a good team that shoots it off of you, but this would encourage a chain of sneak pounces since it deals immediate damage and removes a hunter from combat temporarily. It really depends on whether people want sneak pouncing to be a viable mid-combat tactic against good teams.

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Edit: I totally read this thread wrong. -_-

I just get annoyed with Monsters spamming pounce during a fight, so I’m pretty indecisive on this topic.


Well, say a lion grabs me and drags me down. Even if I landed gingerly on a bed of pillows, I would still have a lion’s teeth and claws dug into my neck.

It makes sense to me that a three-story tall killing machine would slam you on the ground enough to hurt at least some. I say leave it.


It just uses it paws though… (Evolve)

Its more of an abduction (Wraith language). Pulls you in.


They drop their weight (several tons) on the Hunter to pin them. I think that would hurt.

This is only because of the animation and hit boxes. It’s intended to have the Monster jump on top of you, using their weight to pin you down.


Pounce gets exploited/spammed enough as is we don’t need a reason to


Yeah, I don’t want Kraken to have this. D:


I find it very irritating that the monster can get such a huge benefit with something that is supposed to help them hunt or capitalize on bad hunter positioning (or being alone). Basically, they get a free stun (and spin), and a bunch of damage for very little effort. At the very least, the initial damage could be nerfed since iirc it’s higher than a heavy attack per tick, so it’s well worth spamming it in between melees.

I’m with the OP that it should be removed (and I would prefer the spinning to stop as well, but maybe that’s another thread).

It’s supposed to take advantage of poorly-positioned hunters, not act as another ability to stun and deal significant damage from range (pounce range is far larger than melee range is what I’m getting at). Plus once the monster gets instantly shot off, they’re free to chain into other abilities while the target is still trying to re-orient from being instantly reversed. The stun may as well last 1-5 seconds after the pounce has ended depending on the player’s pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey skills.

The game currently has this.


The thing is, standing anywhere in pounce range IS being out of place. That’s the epitome of bad positioning. Not only can you be hit by every single ability in the game, you are also on flat ground, in melee range, directly in front of the Monster. Anything that happens there is on you, the Hunter, and your team, the other three people standing around your badly-positioned self and gawking. Lennox is the only one who has to get that close, so nobody else has any excuse.

It doesn’t make sense to remove it. If a train hits you, it’s because you stood there in front of it when you had several opportunities to not be standing there. No matter the time of day or how many people are around you, it’s a bad spot to be in. I say let bad positioning be punished by damage.


Gorgon base pounce is RIDICULOUS! - Even when grounded. Its absurd…


150 damage is the base damage for gorgon’s pounce damage. I currently assume its 100-150 damage for all other monster’s pounce damage but have yet to verify due to time.

600 is the max damage of Gorgon’s wall pounce.


Buffing pounce is silly.
I pounce in combat all the time if I feel like I’m at an equal skill level (and therefore do not have an initial advanatge) which I still find cheesy and I know the people I play against do it to. And no matter how good the team is, pouncing in combat is very easy.
It might not last long, but for the second you are pouncing is a secoond you are dealing damage and the hunter that is being locked down with no counter (Only Markov can counter point blank pouncing) is unnable to do their job.
And being completely disabled even though you did nothing wrong (Like being pounced in combat) is anti-fun and a gamedesign flaw, there is no way around that.


This has to be wrong. There’s no way you can expect all hunters to remain greater than 30-whatever yards away from the monster when the monster is much faster.

This isn’t the OP’s topic… they’re talking about nerfing it. Good to hear you support our position. :smile:


I only use pounce for the beat down of a lone, foolish hunter or to get through Jack’s Repulsor - which I think Monster’s shouldn’t be able to do.


Huh, you are right, I completely miss-understood what he meant.
I thought he wanted it to always do X damage on impact and then continuing like normal.

I’m actuallly against capping the damage though, because the monster do deserve to pin down a lone hunter, the only issue I have with pounce is how you can do it in the middle of combat, as IMO it should ONLY be an option to punish a single player straying from the pack.


Yeah, but unfortunately it seems they will never completely forbid pouncing while in combat (as many have stated, it says sneak pounce, but it’s really just a pounce - how can you stop a 3 story monster from pouncing you just by seeing them?)

Others here have also mentioned that being dragged or slammed into the ground by a massive monster should probably deal damage.

All I’m hoping for is some kind of nerf, I would be delighted if all they did was make it so you don’t whirl around when you’re pounced. Everything else seems secondary to me if you take out one of the most debilitating side-affects.


Jeez, all the attack abilities of the monsters are going, what do you want, the monster just to stand there and let you murder it??? Jeez guys aren’t they weak enough?


It feels like it does more than this. I’ve gotten insta-downs on hunters at full health and no strikes by doing wall pounces even from low surfaces at stage 1. Is there a bug we’re unaware of?

As for the topic, on the one hand it’d be nice, but on the other, it can be easily exploited. A good option would be to make it do less than a standard melee attack if it does get implemented.


there is a bug that can occur. if you wallpounce someone while they’re near an edge, it can sometimes deal double damage, theres also the bug that if you wallpounce someone on an edge, you and that person will fall off the edge and it’ll deal the pounce damage again.

Here’s a video of the bug occuring