Should Slim be Buffed or Nerfed again?


What if Slim’s Leech gun was automatic? or remove slims spore cloud with a flash grenade so it’ll be harder for monsters to see? I’ll let you discuss this out. :wink:



Auto-matic Leech gun seems either OP or UP depending on the spore duration. If it’s low then you’ll need to constantly be using you Launcher to keep that mo-fo spored. If it’s a long duration then spray the Spores in a massive radius and then heal while the Monster can’t smell anywhere in a 60m radius.

Flash grenade is too debilitating. Spore Cloud just means Wildlife and traps aren’t highlighted for you. If you aren’t miles from your screen and your Gamma is respectable you should still be able to see things. A flash would potentially completely mask the Hunters as well as making it more difficult to navigate terrain.

Cool ideas but balancing would be a serious issue.



Sure, if it menas I get to see Shred and Donut rage.


The printer is slim and the guys are the monsters:

Goliath is Michael Bolton.



His rage is warranted.


Meh a few ppl think Slim is OP, but I think he is balanced. Maybe I just havent found a good Slim player, or maybe I am just very effective at countering Slim. i dont know…


Not really. It’s amusing to watch them both rage over slim and jack and hank.


I’m with you. I think he’s just fine


@10shredder00 @Donut



Well the Slim and Jack thing is because he’s colorblind I believe. He can’t really tell if the Repulsor is working and I think spores really mess with his vision with all the green flying around.


That’s not a game problem though…That’s a personal problem. That’s like saying “STOP THROWING FLASHBANGS IN MY FACE I CAN’T SEE!!!”

That’s the point…


Still, the game could have some sort of colorblind support.


Slim is perfect where he should be. No buffs needed.
Nerfs to his HB, then Spore clouds are to be buffed.
Nerf Spore Clouds even more then his HB are to be buffed.


He’s already extremely powerful as is. His spores range from not functional at all to completely crippling and his heal burst when paired with a Hank or Sunny is absolutely devastatingly powerful.

You are right though,

##He needs nerfs.

@Rapterror Why must you call my Wrath to every thread saying Slim is okay?

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Right as always Shred.

Might I suggest more Leech Gun Damage? Perhaps his spores should do DOT (less than Hyde’s grenades of course. After all, that would be too OP :wink:).


It’s because I do.


I must be absolutely mental because I see Slim fine, not OP. :wink:


You are gonna open up a can of my hate for Slim.