Should other monsters be balanced like Goliath or the other way around


As it stands, fighting Goliath seems to be the most balanced and fun matchup. But is that simply because he is weaker than the other monsters and easier to fight or is he in a good spot that other monsters should be balanced towards? Is he fun to fight because he’s weaker or because he’s properly balanced?


He’s fun to fight for a few reasons. He’s melee. It means you can abuse terrain easier against him and set traps. He’s big so he’s not hard to shoot or see across the map. He’s loud this again lends to being easier to find and thus you have more engagements. His abilities feel right they feel brutish, when you’re running through three or four people or you leap slam on top of them. Kraken I feel is actually roughly the same. The reason the fight doesn’t feel as epic is because he isn’t up in your face. But overall it’s roughly the same. He’s big and pretty loud, his abilities fit his style very well and he’s good at straight up fighting.

The issue comes in the wraith who is by design smaller, more quiet, and not up in your face. Wraith is very difficult to see across the map unless they supernova to kill wildlife. I can’t remember the last time I heard a wraith stomping around even within 50 meters. THe only noise you hear is supernova (incredibly annoying) and evolving which is relatively quiet. The last difference is that the skillset is weird. He’s a hit and run abduct type of hero yet gets supernova. Which makes her sit in one area and slice and dice everything.

Basically size, sound, and the brutality of the skills are what make the goliath fun. You’re fighting a monster. You want it to be bigger than you, louder than you, and you want it’s skills to be scary not just in the sense that they’ll do a lot of damage, but that you don’t want to get run over or lit on fire.

Edit: I would love to see if TRS had some sort of statistic for average time in combat between each monster. I’d be willing to bet money the kraken and goliath both spend much more time in combat with hunters than the wraith and as a hunter it feels balanced when you’re going back and forth like that.