Should OP's be able to close threads?[poll]

  • The Creator of a thread should be able to close it at his/her will
  • Only a leader should be able to close a thread

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What do you guys think? Personally, I think if someone wants their thread closed they should be able to close it themselves.


Depends on how you look at it, I think they should, but after they provide a legit reason. Otherwise, someone would just close their own thread after a few people disagreed with him/her.


My thoughts exactly, Komodo. In all honesty, I feel that it’s just safer to have only Leaders and Mods be capable of issuing locks.


Another issue would be if a member wanted to post something related to the topic but the OP closed the thread prematurely, on accident, or because he thought he was doing the right thing.


People already do this, they just ask for it closed.

This also already happens. I can’t tell you how many times a thread is closed before I get my last word in.

If you fear these things then you fear things that already occur and can be solved by allowing the OP to open and close their thread at will unless a Leader or Mod closed it in which case they would need to request it be reopened.

I personally see no reason why OP’s shouldn’t be able to close or open their own threads.


*10shredder00 agrees with me for once *


But what if it was a topic that deserves debating? Or a community thing where people discuss the possibilities of the T5 medic’s abilities? A mod or leader, Imo, shouldn’t close the thread, but if the OP has the option, he could’ve when he shouldn’'t.


@Buckets_Sentry_Gun @TheMountainThatRoars mind moving this over to the Forums Suggestions Topic Topic? @niaccurshi are you here? @SledgePainter @Plaff are you guys here? None of the leaders seem to be responding. Thanks to however moves it in advance.


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No topic deserves debating. That is up to the community. It is however up to the OP what happens to a thread as long as it is within guidelines. If a thread is following the rules it will stay; if it strays off topic then it will be closed, reorganized, and reopened; if a thread turns toxic it will be closed; and if the OP simply wants it closed with no further discussion then Leaders and Mods are to abide by the OP’s wishes.

If another forumite feels that it is a topic worthy of discussion then they can reply as a linked topic and continue the discussion where they are then the head of that discussion.

It is always up to the OP to decide what happens to the topic just as long as it follows forum rules and guidelines.


If OP wants it moved, then it’s fine with me but otherwise I don’t feel comfortable moving/merging this topic into a pseudo-category. Sorry. :sunny:


Maybe they could have a time window or post amount that after exceeding it makes it unable for them to close


I think it’s a simple liberty. If a person has the right to state something, isn’t he also allowed to retract his statement just as well?


‘revived because this is still relevant’


I think this is something that should be asked on the Discourse forum instead of here (Discourse staff is more active there), suggestions that Shaners can work with are stuff like asking for a new category or adding a new plugin :slight_smile:


Are we talking about Discourse or Discord?


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