Should Monsters be Stronger than Hunters?


Here is a question, in this game, should the monster’s have a bit of an advantage against the hunters?
I’m not saying they have a 70 or 80% win rate, but I do believe it shouldn’t be so even. I remember that the monster’s were play as the boss. Just some quick thoughts.

  • I agree
  • I want to wait till next patch.
  • It should be even for new players sake.
  • Other

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I feel if you had a simple yes/no poll instead of giving your reasons you might get more responses. I believe it should be even myself, but you have no ‘no’ option and the closest I don’t agree with.


Of course they should be stronger but i personally feel after the last patch it’s too much in favour of the monsters especially in pub lobbies,my god i hardly win anymore playing with my silver skilled friends.


I say no, but there isn’t button for that.
Also as I recall, Players win in most boss fights, (or there wouldn’t be any progression in games!) so that may be going the opposite way of what you’re wanting. :smile:


At stage 1? No
At state 2? Even
At stage 3? Yes


Win rate should be even, but not for the sake of new players. That’s dumb and I’m not voting.


This poll should have had binary choices. After the reader selects their response THEN you should have asked for them to add information to their responses, instead of trying to fit everything into the poll.

I say no cause it’s easier to balance for fairness with a hunter favored meta, otherwise monsters will just faceroll everything. Plus how the game is balanced now (or at least what TRS are striving for) is neat.

Hunters need their numbers, they have to practice the intelligent use of their kit, AND they require communication to beat monsters; meanwhile monsters need to be devious, strategic, and know when to:


I think it should be even… Because who likes to lose?


Why is there “other” instead of “no”?

New players or veteran, the game should be fair. I’m not even sure I can explain why, since it just seems like such a basic principle for games.

You wouldn’t play a game of Chess where one player gets objectively better pieces.


As a monster main it wouldn’t be fun getting easy wins.

Ah, the good ol’ days


No they shouldn’t

More players play hunters than monster

If the game doesn’t treat 4 hunters fairly … and doesn’t provide rewards to them …

What do you think these players would do ??

It is not an easy job to have a very good coordinated team … it require skills … dodging … teamwork … positioning - practicing

Do you think Great monster will let you do these things ?? Nah

It takes 0 skill to kill the wild life and evolve … monster have the host advantage in hunt

Monster have 4 abilities + melee + pounce

Monsters can mitigate well and fight when ever they wanted

2 strikes on support will end the match in their favor … if the monster hasn’t suffer from a major health loss

This game is about the choices you made as monster or hunter … and you will reward or you will deal with consequence

Behemoth - Gorgon will get stronger
Goliath will get higher climb rate

Support players are getting Nerf interns of defense and damage output because of the change made to capacity …this is my fav perk. . as Top 5 Hank … I always use it … sunny … Cabot

Less Shield - less jet booster - less damage amp . That will make monsters look stronger


The only reason I might consider taking this topic seriously is because… well, I suppose it’s less frustrating when you lose as 4 and are theoratically only 25% of the blame.

Though your 3rd option is truly the only one that makes any sense from a gameplay point of view and I should hope it’s what every developer strifes for, has nothing to do with new players.


What? Why would you consider balancing a competitive game for anything other than a 50% win rate? That makes literally no sense.


As a team, the hunters should be the same as monsters as a whole over the course of a match (as in they start off with the advantage, then S3 is when the monster has better chances).


At Stage 1, the Hunters have the advantage. At Stage 2, it’s an even fight. At Stage 3, the Monster has the advantage. That’s exactly how it SHOULD be.


Voted other because “no”


give the monsters foam fingers to melee and cover them in bubble wrap. give hunters nerf guns (and lennox a nerf sword) covered in bubble wrap suits. give them a plushy daisy, gobi, sentry guns, and shield drone and let them all fight in a bouncy house with a time limit that lets them eat oreos and have cupcakes after the fight.


Yes guys I get it, im an idiot for not having a simple yes or no. I’ll go punish myself and let’s get on with it.


actually i wasnt making fun of you at all if it seemed like that. i just wanted to be funny.



I didn’t specify one person.
I was talking about pretty much everyone above you. :stuck_out_tongue: