Should I stay on evolve or should I go?


okay first off excuse my grammar skills I’m using Audio for my text. ok first let me start off by saying I’m a ps4 playing assault primarily I usually go with Torvald with my secondary being hyde followed by Markov then Parnell. I would say that I’m at minimum at the top 50 percentile of the remaining assaults I’m not trying to say I’m the best but I know I’m not the worst I’m trying to find a reason to stay in this game and I would like it as much positive feedback over negative constructive criticisms or for lack of my freedom to speak freely, butt holes. Tha


I don’t think crowdsourcing is a good idea for this kinda thing. If you’re getting burnt out, take a break for a couple weeks.

We’ll be here when you get back. :slight_smile:


Play Evolve when you feel like it.
Play other games to prevent burn out. There are some weeks I only play Evolve once a day! (I’m still playing a lot :stuck_out_tongue: )
But if you need to, take a break. Maybe some of the bugs will be fixed before you come back.


Should I stay or should I go now… If I go there will be troubleeeeee


the problem isnt Burnout it’s the lack of people that I want to play with I don’t want to play with randoms I’m okay with playing monster but I would rather be able to play with my friends for a group of good hunters


I was waiting for that to happen


Don’t do things that you don’t enjoy, it’s simple like that. It’s a game and you play it to have fun, if you feel you’re not having fun anymore, you shouldn’t do it.


I know its a game and I’m not bored of it yet. I need a reliable team of hunters


Well, teammates come and go. I hope you find your team and can enjoy the game again. It’s just that you didn’t explain the reasons why you wanted to leave in your post.


If you need people to play with, try using these topics:

The first will give you a list of people who’re playing Evolve on PS4, the second will let you find people to play very specific roles. You could try making your own team with some of the people from here if you want to get into some coordinated matches, just figure out who’s best at what then take it from there.


When I have a string of bad matches, I go on my laptop (PS4 player too ^^ ) and Play league of legends. Then go back to Evolve and burn some monsters! (Or burn some hunters) O.o


Melting face > melting hunters


Take a 1 day break from Evolve…You’ll find yourself craving it after awhile.


:goliath_roar: = :fire: + :assault:


[quote=“Drum, post:13, topic:57314, full:true”]
Take a 1 day break from Evolve.[/quote]


I know right! Blame the significant other…Its been 3 days since I played…Can’t wait to get off work and finally play it again.


If you don’t want to play don’t play. But remember when people keep complaining about a game dying so they are leaving it just means that they are part of the reason it is dying now.

I personally don’t feel like the game is dying though. I see lots of people. I am still seeing new people as well that just bought the game.


I haven’t played since Saturday and I’ve been checking the forums and uncomfortable number of times


But if you leave…there will be DOUBLE!


This may help with the discussion.