Should i sneak or sprint


I won some games as monster by sneaking the whole game not getting caught till i was stage 3 and wining in one fight. But i also one some games by out running the hunters the WHOLE game(since monster is faster. What tatic is generally better i noticed that sneaking is risky cause if u do get found u r likely in dome distamce and forced to fight. But if u run every where u will most likely be attracting birds and triping sounds spikes. What tatic works better


Depends on the tracker for me. If its Maggie, then I run and try to stay for away until I am armored up.

But for the others, I will sneak at first to try to lose them.


Depends on monster
Goliath: Run
Kraken: Mix it up
Wraith: Ninja mode active


I’m partial to hit and run tactics with all monster so I tend to mix it up with both sneak and sprint, but I rely more heavily on sprint.


Mixing it up is good.
Goliath sprint till stage two then use a mixture of sneak and sprint
Kraken I like to sneak
Wraith is the obviously sneaky one that everyone hates when its sneaky lol
Behemoth is rock and roll baby


Yea it totally depends on the trapper cause i mean dasey will find u no matter what same now goes with crow’s bat Gobi. U could be sneaking and your still be highlighted so i think running is better cause also sneak pouncing for framing takes forever and sometimes its best to rush your stage 2


I actually use sneaking tactic on all my monsters

Yes even behemoth big butt, work so well too


sneak if at all possible unless either these circumstances occure
one the trapper is maggie. no point in sneaking your just wasting time. sprint like a motherfucker
or your behemoth. your WAY to slow they will find you fast with the other trappers or you risk setting off birds by eating when your to close to there spawn


How often does that work like Do u win a lot


I think Gobi (crows bat) is a good sneaking counter as well so if thers a crow u should book it


Yeah Maggie/Daisy can be good against a sneaking monster, but generally Daisy is pretty stupid at pinpointing a monster lol.

At the start it is definitely best to sprint pretty far away so you can get some time to feed and gain armor/evolve. From that point on doing a little bit of both sneaking and sprinting works best for me. Example, the hunters see you, so you sprint away and break line of sight; then you can lead false tracks for them to follow as you sneak the other way and eventually double back on them :smile:

But feeding is the name of the game and always try to save some traversal stamina when the trapper is near so you can escape an arena throw.


probably since he will see you regardless. but at the same time NEVER piss of birds because he will then DEFINITELY find you


That makes sense i try to make systems out of everything so like if im monster i should sprint or if im val i should always start of with the tranq gun and my systems usually work


Im only asking this becuase i used to always sneak untill i get caught as monster but i feel like behemoth is :poop: when it comes to this idea so im wondering if sprinting is usually a must now


This is exactly why Gobi needs a small cooldown. It’s just way too easy to spot a sneaking monster when you can send him out nonstop.


Idk i think the trick is to just avoid and circle the map against dasey and gobi as long as u dont stay in the same spot u most likely wont be caught


A smart Crow player will just keep throwing Gobi as they close in on you, so you will be caught lol.


I usaually go either or depending on map, hunters etc.

Goliath is 50/50 for me (if you go sneaky grab charge! quick kills without the visuals of flame breath giving you away or the sound of leap smash or rock throw; pounce and melee works too though and flame breath is great if you’re going to run as it kills on the move)

Kraken I usually sneak stage one if the conditions are right, but after S1 I go loud. Kraken is probably the most visually distinguishable of all the monsers, excluding maybe behemoth. You can use the banshee mines carefully in either style as an early warning system to let you know hunters are coming, just be sure to put them somewhere they won’t get shot before they activate (for sneaks go aftershock or vortex, depending on if you play it close to the chest or from afar; both are decently quiet and at S2 vortex can kill most 2 meats and almost kill some 3 meats)

Wraith I sneak as much as possible, although the addition of Gobi and the upgraded sound spikes (and of course Daisy) are going to hurt that so be prepared to book it if need be. Use traversal in 3 round bursts as often as possible; unless they are right on you they wont be able to follow the particle trail. Go back to sneak after you’re done. ( Wraith use decoy or just pounces and melee for quieter kills. Supernova and Abduction are very visual and are fairly easy to spot from afar, and warp blast is too loud for sneak play, but great for running).

Behemoth is a tough one to sneak with, but it can be done (I usually don’t myself, but that’s me). I do however like to go loud and then suddenly switch to sneak to give them the slip. Since most don’t bother gong stealth you can throw a team off if your clever about it. Try not to pounce too much as his little break-dance move thing is really cool but is a lot of movement and his arm will swing up in the air pretty far. (use tongue grab for quiet kills on two and 3 meat prey as it has a rapid recharge; try to avoid the other 3 for sneak as they are rather loud and visual excluding fissure, which is no visual but still loud)


Simple. Follow these guide line and you will win:




Victory Roar


I like your idea its just hard for me to choose between sneaking and running ill figure it out but what do u mean by buffed sound spikes. Does that mean sneaking mounsters will show up now cause i would love that