Should I Reinstall?


Due to school, having to reformat my PC and general Shear-weariness, I haven’t played Evolve since the beginning of April. Now that school’s out and I have some time before my internship I was thinking about playing a game. but should I bother with Evolve?

  • What is the state of Evolve nowadays?
  • Has the Matchmaking improved?
  • The steam numbers are >1000 so it feels like it would be a bit desolate. are you waiting awhile for games?
  • Is there any new content or modes coming out/came out I need to check out?


New patch neutered monsters a bit, but you know, they always like to try new things

Get matched consistently with peeps my level so I suppose so?

Only when I have 4 friends because monster players are a bit hard to find :confused:

Theres some hype about Arena mode


Thanks for the reply!

I’ll have to read up on Arena mode.

You brought up a good question. I generally play outside of a team but I hate playing monster. One of the things that frustrated me a bit in the end was always getting stuck as monster. Will that still be an issue?


They will put rank mode, where you will get the role that you want (:


Its not a huge problem, If I want monster, I usually get it, but if I don’t, theres a slight chance I get it, but it rarely happens nowadays, so as I said, not huge ^.^
As for arena mode, livestream, this Tuesday, watch it ^.-


Well it’s basically free wins for Hunters now. About 70% chance of winning or more.


Is that why it’s hard to find monsters?


Probably. Basically it’s become a game of Hide and Seek with moments of Torvald spam and Pin the Nerfed Ability on the Donkey.

Monsters were nerfed into oblivion. There’s several threads on the frustration of Monster players.


How did they nerf the monsters?

A hunter issue I had before I quit playing was that every game followed the below pattern;

Step 1: Run around the map for 20 minutes
Step 2: Fight a Stage 3 monster and die

Was the nerfing to stop this? did it go too far?


They nerfed knockback so now theres a hardcap on how much you can tumble, it hit, and it hit hard.
And flee till 3 is no longer a “thing” since power relays suck for S3 monsters :stuck_out_tongue:


I would wait until the Tuesday stream to see if you like what you see. I hope you do. :wink:


Me too. I was evangelical about it during the Alphas. I was very disappointed in the game towards the end. great concept and, if everyone played it the way the Devs had planned and the gaming community didn’t crucify it for the apparent micro-transactions, it would have been a great time. It’s sad to see a great game get to where it is (or was when I left) through little fault of their own.

I want to love again. I just don’t know it I can.


In general? Uh, not bad, but not exactly good either. :stuck_out_tongue: MM feels better, I don’t have to wait too long for games, maybe a couple minutes, and once you get a lobby it’s very fast.

As for new content- Tier 4 and Behemoth, plus Arena mode coming soon.


Trust me if you look up good monster tips then practice, monster can be very enjoyable.


If you’ve been fine without playing it then I say there isn’t much reason to come back right now. TRS seems to be clueless on how to balance things, just taking random stabs in the dark trying to fix problems and then some of the things that get changed weren’t even problems to begin with.

Hopefully in another 3ish months the game will be stable from a balancing perspective… But that’s highly unlikely because when any T5 characters come out it’s just going to be the same thing all over again.


Evolve requires waaay too much effort, no wonder everyone but the hardcores jump ship and that’s the reason why we probably get arena mode, for some quick colladoodey shooty shooty arena action. So people who were bad at the actual ‘hunt’ can get their gaming fast food fix soon in Evolve, powered by 2K.

Tuesday livestream, stay tuned! :]


It’s still a lot of fun, and there’s new things coming up, you should stay if you like the game :slight_smile:


You’re talking about LA server matchmaking right Midnight? Australian matchmaking…lol…


There have been two major patches since you’ve left, as well as a character mastery adjustment update.


Hush, we do not speak of the horror that is Australian MM. >.<