Should I let my Son play Evolve?


I am guessing that Evolve will be rate M. Would it be wrong to let my 10yr old Son play Evolve with me? Do you guys have children that are excited for this game as well?

I grew up watching Godzilla and Alien movies and monster violence doesn’t bother me.

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I think it’s more about language than anything else tbh. The '‘violence’ isn’t that bad. Of course, I could have a very warped perception as the first movies I remember seeing in the theater as a Kid was Terminator and Aliens :stuck_out_tongue:


It isn’t really that violent in terms of blood or gore and it’s not really a horror game at all so those shouldn’t be issues.

Though, I don’t know your kid but the only thing I would be “worried” about is how much strong language there is. It’s really up to you as the parent though if you think that’s an issue or not.

Certain characters, like Abe and Hyde, have pretty strong language and use it often.


I had my 2 year old watch me during the Big Alpha, he loved it :slight_smile:


I don’t have kids, but it depends how it would affect your kid. If he’s easily influenced and can’t tell the difference between right and wrong than he needs to maybe be taught these things first (by 10 I’d assume they have a good idea already). If he’s mature and obedient then frankly I wouldn’t worry about him. When I was 10 I’ve played things like Turok and all sorts of M rated games.


Depends on you man. The game really only has crude language and that’s it.

I would say yes but don’t allow mic. I fear that some people might go all out salt if they find out a 10 year old isn’t doing so hot and costs the team the game. Ultimately causing un-needed stress.


Check out some gameplay footage and judge by yourself! Other than the cussing, I think it’s pretty tame compared to more disturbing games out there ( See Outlast ) with much more taboo violence. This one is just good ol’ fighting violence, not a psychologically-scarring type of violence ( again, unlike Outlast ).

Just explain to your son that pounding at people and pretending to be a monster isn’t right and that it should stay in-game, and make sure he understands that.

( And like others said, don’t allow Mic, or just let him play offline-- chances are, he won’t even realise he’s playing against AI. )


I would like this comment but have hit my limit for today. That being said, sometimes my step sister, who was 7 or 8 at the time, would say goodbye to everyone in games after she killed them. (She used to PvP in WoW alot)


I was playing Doom @ 10 yrs old…

the bigger issue would be the online community who could become vulgar at times… but I’m sure if you’re there you can help with that some.

Personally, I don’t see the harm in video games. There is some vulgarity you should be aware of though you might not want him picking up on…

and you might want to turn VoiP off if you can :stuck_out_tongue:


I played the Alpha and didn’t even notice the language (guess I was just having too much fun). That is something that I will want to watch out for for sure.

I never let him play with a mic. People online are just brutal.


LOL that’s great


Honestly this game isn’t really that bad, something like Dead Space, now that game is really gory and all sorts of messed up, at that point I’d see your concerns.


That’s beautiful. I can taste the salt from here XD


Hehe, yup. Especially because it’s a girl :stuck_out_tongue: The nice thing is that you can mute other people’s MICs by turning down voice volume all the way.


I do have to say that it’s really cool to have my kid take an interest in the same thing as me and watch him grow as a gamer. I have a daughter on the way too :scream: so I will have to teach her the ways as well.


Yeah they are…

I’ve been communicating online (text only way back when… there was no voip w/ dialup) since I was 12 years old.

IRC and Diablo BNet chat were NASTY… I learned fast xD


HEY! I have a daughter on the way too! Any day now… CMON BABY GURL! HURRY UP!


Congrats, I’m hoping to have a daughter soon. I also want a bumper sticker that says “I couldn’t find any good gamers I liked playing with. So I bred my own” Then have a picture of my family stomping people :stuck_out_tongue:




Thanks! You too :smiley:

I hope to raise her right (be a gamer) but I fear my fiancee may kill me xD lmao