Should I just wait till the next, next update?


So before you comment, “no this next update will be the best version of Evolve ever!” Please take into account that this game has not had a clean past of getting through so much as one update without a few bugs rising. So I’m not really looking to forward to this TU9 so much, as I would like to enjoy Evolve again, I’m just concerned that this new update that is packing in more changes and new mechanics to already existing stuff. There’s the map changes, class ability reworks, it’s all very impressive in theory and it would be nice to see the game be mostly balanced like I believed it was once upon a time but I’m not just hoping for the best, expecting the worst.

I want this to be successful, I really do, I want this to be enjoyable more so than it ever has been but select few changes and the possibility of some outside variables might ruin it. For one, say goodbye to playing pubs with the dome change, if there is someone under level 10 expect them to dome a damn Crowbill. Also how many potential bugs can uprise from this, glitches on the “new maps” and the cheese to be discovered once real players get their hands on it. I dunno is it worth it? The potential for failure? I mean I’ll try it out, sure, but we gotta relearn some maps and so much is gonna be different, here’s hoping for the better right?


No this next update will be the best version of Evolve ever!

There are A LOT of bug fixes in this update :slight_smile:


Boy I sure hope so, also that they took their time with so many variables to make so not so many exist upon launch of it.


So I think the reason the bug fixes were so-so was because they’re are so many somethings that can go wrong


The dome mechanic is being completely redone. They haven’t realeased any details besides everyone gets it and it’s a shared cool down of 70 seconds. If im not mistaken, they have said they have counters in place so people can’t “troll” with the dome. Also if I’m not mistaken, one of the devs said at one point that missed and god domes won’t be a thing anymore.


Wait “missed” dome won’t be a thing? Well then what’s the point in not just spamming the dome? I mean sure there is probably a counter in place for that for a limit on missed domes or something before cool down if that’s something they want to eliminate.


Because if you just spam it, odds are the spot you are throwing from, will result in a bad dome for hunters. The point will be to land a good fighting location for hunters.


That’s really cool but on the flip side how many new bugs will be created…? or can you gurantee it’s bug free that’s why it’s took so long?


If all this is true, it has got me thinking. Maybe what has “changed” about how you throw the dome is that instead of throwing the dome to capture the monster, a hunter throws the dome to get the best arena because…

Hunters will be unable the throw the dome unless the monster is in the radius. It would be sort of like how the dome can’t be thrown under some roofs, with the red UI.

Except, the UI would be red without a monster within throw radius. It also would be red in spots that would create a god dome.

This would negate missed and god domes, but it would also give each hunter a scanning tool, which would help noobs.

I would probably be too powerful with a dome the size it is now, so they could reduce the radius to like 40m. This would definitely force fights more, and make the whole instant armor that monsters will have more balanced.

So they could adjust the size of the dome, or they could just not have a UI showing there is no monster. Instead, the dome would just click and not be thrown. This still could be used to scan, but the risk of “scanning” would be that the dome would be thrown, and it could be a bad dome(the red UI would still appear for god domes).

This is all speculation, and I admit there could be major flaws with my thinking, because I just jotted down my thoughts.


No game is bug free, bugs are a part of the nature of code/coding.


Yeah i get that but what i ment was i hope the added time they’ve taken they’ve used to iron out new bugs that would of been created by the amount of changes.What we don’t want is there too be bugs galore when this hits because that really would kill any hope of a revival.


Time will tell, but I bet they’ve been working their testers as hard as everyone else on this patch to make it the best it can be.


You have to understand one fundamental difference between previous updates and this one.

It is time.

Where the devs only had about a month or two to release an update, they now had already 5 months to make sure that it is flawless. I believe that this will be one of the more balanced updates we have seen so far, mostly because of the balanced team making sure that it is.

I am very much looking forward to this update. I can’t wait for the leaderboard and rank reset, so I can kick some ass.


And just to reiterate… TU9 won’t be flawless, or at least it is going to be very unlikely to be flawless. As TMTR says, bugs happen, bit given the time they’ve had I think there’s reason to be hopeful that bugs will be small and not impactful on the game :slight_smile:


well I meant more the strive to perfection, nothing is perfect after all :smiley:


except me

Right, everything is going to be a bit rough.


Mmmm I hope


I have suggested this before, the most likely change is that hunters will no longer throw the dome. Instead every hunter will be able to activate an auto dome which would deploy the dome when the monster was in range of the hunter and in LOS or otherwise revealed to the hunters (a sneaking monster would not activate the dome unless pinged by a hunter). This method would eliminate missed domes and minimize trolling. It would also likely eliminate intentional god domes, but there could be certain maps and situations where potential exploits are still available to hunters. It also takes the pressure off of the Trapper or any other hunter for that matter to secure a dome. The focus will be on finding the monster and choosing the general area and timing that the monster is domed in, while the monster is also trying to influence the dome location to be more favorable toward them.

A simplified, easy to use dome mechanic that leads to early and frequent domes for the monster is essential to retaining a casual player base. The loss of skilled doming is certainly unfortunate, but the game will be better off for it. Hopefully there could be an option to activate a manual dome in custom matches so you could still have manual dome play as a option when playing with friends and in competitive evolve.



All the ability changes are a really bad idea, in my opinion. I’ll have to see how it works, but sure sounds terrible. I miss OG Evolve.