Should I hurry to get Parnell?


Should I be in a hurry? Everyone I know who has him says he isn’t as good as markov. Are they wrong?


Parnell’s shotgun is insanely powerful from what I’ve seen, though his rocket launcher seems pretty weak


People that think Markov is so good are people that walk into his mines instead of disarming them. Markov is the easy assault to use but all of them are great. Parnell is worth playing with some decent aim, his shotgun is stupdily powerful especially combined with the super soldier burst. If nothing else he’s fun to play, which is good for me. Better than having assault as my main role for one guy alone.


I have Parnell at Elite mastery and I’m number 14 in leaderboards so I can vouch that he is worth the time, however my best setup is using the health regen perk as the super soldier ability takes 20% of your health plus with assault in general I wait till I’m about to die to throw my shield on and while It’s up my health will regenerate so keeps me alive longer in a fight if the medic is bad or if its lazarus


You guys have me convinced I just got cairas elite skin (it looks badass as hell) so I’m gonna work on getting Parnell. Losing long range damage to get extra close range damage sounds good to me. :]


His damage isn’t so bad from a distance either to be honest. His shotgun spread doesn’t feel too punishing. Of course, you want to get relatively close, but he feels just fine punching holes into a Kraken on a very open air map.


Uh, he’s amazing. The only way Markov can be better/on par is with mines.

And his shotgun range is actually fantastic.


A little too fantastic if you ask me. Still prefer Hyde but stronger DPS would be nice. Just remember that Markov and Hyde’s damage holds up better than Parnell’s against a moving monster, though Parnell’s still great.


That video is a little dubious in my opinion. It does compare one clip to one clip, but it ignores time completely. No markov should be holding still while lightning is on cooldown, and they don’t take accuracy against moving targets into consideration.

That said, all assaults are great, and you should try them all to see who you like best!


It shows several clips dumped part way through the video.


Parnell’s elite skin is dark blue and gold, shotgun has gold barrel and magazines and rocket launcher has golden barrel and parts aswell, I agree that parnell is weaker against wraith due to the telporting + parnells long reloads without super soldier, hyde is amazing because his flamethrower takes 2 seconds to reload fully and is perfect for wraith who has to get in close and uses cloaks


That elite skin sounded great until the gold came in. If it had to be shiny, why not silver? :frowning: Ruining a perfectly good dark blue.


I’m talking about using multiple weapons against a moving monster - it changes things a fair bit, though for a strict number comparison, the video works well.


your totally right there about the silver!!!


In the same vein Hyde won’t always be in range, whereas Parnell’s shotgun has very un-shotgun like range. And at close medium range against anything other than wraith, parnell will be landing 90% of his shots. AND his works with Laz/Val. Imagine all the damge in the video against a monster lit up by Laz, or even 2-3 Val marks.


Yes. Yes you should.


Those goggles really aren’t helping his serious look. For some reason it’s actually funny with his chin.




Holy $&@# I’m convinced


That comparison video was horrible. A good Hyde gets poison grenades down first then flamethrower for maximum DPS. When both are ticking at the same time with Max damage perk his DPS surpasses Markovs and Parnells. That being said Parnell is still my favorite overall, with Hyde being a close second. Parnell’s shotgun with the a maximum clip size perk is just murder as he can take advantage of Super soldier the best that way (constant shooting)