Should I get an Evolve Sleeve? (I made up my mind)

I have 0 tattoos… But id get a Goliath hand print tattoo in an instant if i had the money… A tattoo is to remember a different time. A fun time. Weather it is relevant now or not… Ill also probably get a Spitfire Flaming skull logo some day as well to remember the 30+ years I skateboarded every week. Maybe even a Quake 1 logo… Because that was the first game I loved and when it died… I died a little… You do what you want . Don’t listen to any negativity… Keep your head up and continue to be awesome! <3


Hey bud, so coming back to the original topic of this post, I’d go with what @skills4u2envy said and start with just one thing for the sleeve. The beauty of the sleeve is that it can become an intricate mosaic to describe you and what you feel and love most in your life, and can visually represent stories of trials and tribulations in your life and how you managed to overcome them. I think maybe just one Evolve tattoo is enough. Getting an entire Evolve sleeve done, despite how cool it may be, just seems wasteful; you’d be much better off starting your sleeve off small and, as time progresses and more things become meaningful to you, add to your sleeve to give it depth and personality that a fully Evolve sleeve otherwise wouldn’t have.

Do whatever you want homie, it’s just my two-cents. Just make sure whatever you decide, you’re happy with. :slight_smile:

Edit: just so you know, I am planning on my next tattoo being an Evolve themed one. I was gonna go get Kraken’s head on my shoulder, with the tentacles coming out to my left pec. The back of his head will be breaking apart into fractals meant to look like his the assault’s defense matrix, showing the dual nature of the game. It’ll definitely be my biggest tattoo yet, so I’ll be sure to post pictures when I eventually get it. :eyes:


Agree, but what is the continuation?

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If you love it and it means a lot to you and you want it and youre cool showing that off for the REST of your life?


My friend recently got a incredible star wars sleeve done-

She absolutely loves it.

Just put thought into it and make sure its something you wont regret and will appreciate, for, you know- Life.


Continuation of what
I’m mildly amuse by your question

If thats what you really like but my honest opinion is I think it’s pretty lame. :joy:


Also that is an amazing sleeve.

I love Evolve now just as much as I did any time I played it. It’s something I could never regret.

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I believe she means the point behind a tattoo. For example, don’t just get a tattoo cuz YOLO, but rather have an actual meaning behind it.

For mine, it would be how I loved and enjoyed each and every Evolve character, monsters included. It saved me from death, and I will forever be awed by it.

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I see.
Not trying to discourage you or anything, but even a thought out choice can still backfire.I’m just making sure that you are 100% conscious about the effect of such decision.Don’t let me stop you though

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Yeah I understand ^^

I’m not going to go out and get it because someone here said yes, or the polar opposite. I’m just collecting opinions and seeing if I missed anything.

I’m already set on getting other tattoos, so this isn’t thee priority rn.

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Removing a tattoo costs more, takes longer (depending of the size up to years) and it hurts way more than getting the ink in

In the end, it is your body. You should decide.
If you need help on a Yes/No decision like that then it’s a clear “No”.
It’s like someone is talking you into something you don’t want


So as an update, I am pretty sure I will get a sleeve when I have the moar money.

Just because it means so much to me, and my best friend is getting a Terminator sleeve. So IDK when I’ll have the money to, but it is gonna happen.

*however, I want to start talking to tattoo artists and see if they can work the original 5 monsters and 18 hunters onto one of my noodle arms.

My goals are to have as many faces seen as possible, and since Kraken was my favorite monster I want his head to be on the front of my bicep. Everything else needs hella planning.

So stay tuned :stuck_out_tongue:


Holy shit, every hunter and monster on one arm? That’s going to be a massive amount of work, bud.


Well, since you’re doing it anyways, maybe this image with all the hunters can help.

P.S. Personally, I think a Kraken sleeve would look sick, in the same vein as that Star Wars sleeve that was shown.


That’s quite a project! Good luck with it!

If it becomes too much of a feat to work all those in, I’d consider converting 4 of the monsters to the footprints that represent them designed in a more realistic, gritty detail and use Kraken as the forefront of the piece. Additionally, narrowing the eighteen hunters to a select few that speak to your person and experiences the most, or that you feel the most attached to, and incorporating the rest of the Planet Tamers as initials engraved somewhere within the piece would be cool, I think.

Hope to see some updates about this in the future. :purple_heart:

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You could even try the minimalist/symbolic approach that will ease out the work for the tattoo artist (and money hopefully)


that’s nearly impossible unless you want some low quality stuff. grab an A4 sized paper and put a character on it, that is a better way to imagine how everything will look

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Yep! I’ll have to provide a LOTTA artwork and this works well for the base-game hunters, and so I just need DLC hunters and monsters.

Edit: Actually I found this picture of EVERY hunter and monster, minus the variants:

Like I said, I’m leaving out variants because I want to imagine the team at their peak, not having to explain how Quira was the byproduct of Caira being sucked into a black hole and is actually just a propaganda figure lmao.

Plus more variants = less real estate for others.

Yes, but the problem is that I literally played every single Hunter. Every. I remember eliting each and every one, and some of the grinds I had to do like for Emet’s 40 3-teammate revives.

So picking favorites is the problem when they are all favorites of mine. As for monsters. I didnt play much Goliath or Behemoth but I still want to add them because they are still the forefront of Evolve.

Thought about it, but I’m already getting minimalist tattoos elsewhere, and so I want this sleeve to pop out.

That’s why I want to talk to an artist first :wink:

And I plan on just sticking to their heads, no more than the first 1/4th of their torsos.

Oh fuck and I almost forgot Daisy…


Homie, I’m letting you know right now that, as someone who has gone to several tattoo parlors for several different tattoos, I don’t see any possible way they’re gonna fit that much shit in just one sleeve unless they make it realllllll itsy-bitsy, or you gotta some damn shmeat on your arms. Maybe I’m wrong, could be, but I’m letting you know right now that that is a very unrealistic expectation to have.


A good artist will be honest about what they can and cannot do. @XplosionIncorporated needs to make sure the artist has Xplo’s best interests at heart.