Should I get an Evolve Sleeve? (I made up my mind)

What kind of nose piercing?

Yes, piercings hurt. Might not be excruciating but they do hurt. Your piercer will be able to educate you on how best to take care of your piercing. They’ll also be able to answer any questions you may have prior to the procedure.


I have my nose pierced, used to have three in a row on one nostril lol it’s like a fat pinch then the pain is gone and it’s more a warm sensation. Not really burning, but not super comfortable either. Like Mntn said, the person piercing you will have plenty of info for you. I recommend going to a tattoo shop to get it done.


Likely a nostril one, I already get the heebyjeebies when thinking of a septum one lol, thanks for the info (likewise Skills as well) \^_^/


Goliath, grabbing the TRS logo with both hands, performing the ground smash, where the logo is smashing into the ground at point of contact, it is cracking and oozing out lava, becuase evolve and TRs are hot ^.^


Mountain summed it up. You should’ve seen my face the first time the needle went in me.

The initial piercing hurts, yes, but after the first day it’s not as bad.

There is big maintenance, 6 months of letting it heal, and soak it in a water + non-iodized salt solution for about 5-15 minutes a day just to keep it from getting infected.

The way I look at it, you pay for what you get. Why waste a couple dollars on a piercing if you’re not willing to maintain it?

Either way, I LOVE mine, and cannot wait for them to be fully healed.


Or, orrrrr, say screw it and join the military and get as many tats as you want. Do it. Do it. Do ittttttt.


Thought about it, but my knees are horrible. 18 years of building with Lego on the floor made my knees underdevelope.

Plus it’s rocky waters with the trans and armed forces dilemma atm. So…


I would start small, maybe get one thing you really want. You don’t need to get everything done at once as you can add to it over time.

I want to start a sleeve soon, but I’m planning to start small and over time do that. I’m figuring out a way to save money up for it and make it a reward for certain things I want to better about myself.


[Looks around, a cricket chips from an unknown spot] ok, now that they are all gone…[looks around the corner, then looks back to @XplosionIncorporated] tramp stamp it hon [runs off into the night] Then, a lot of heavy breathing comes closer. “Oh yeah… huff puff… one… sec… ok… DO IT” [runs off into the night.

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First of all, as you said you don’t have the money for it, so why even think about doing it right now?

As for Evolve, you should wait for it. Will you like the idea in 2 years from now?I loved dragonball since i can remember myself. From elementary school. I still loved and watched it from then, till now. I got my tattoo of Goku last year on my 26th birthday. Are ya sure you going to “love” Evolve in 10-20 years from now?

Who wouldn’t love evolve 10-20 years from now? @MissMurder would you?


I enjoyed and loved evolve as much as everyone in here.

In 20 years we won’t even remember it. It won’t have continuous presence, no one is going to be playing it, talking about it, make new memories with it.

I remember every game I have ever played. in order for the most part.


For some, sure. For others, it’s what brought us together.


I gotcha but still, we gonna have to wait and see.

But anyway that’s not what the post is about. OP, get the money first, chill for a couple of years to have the money, and have the job you want, then think if you still want to do an Evolve tat.


Actually I am.

I’m getting one of my stuffed bearbee riding on the back of a unicorn, who is unamused.


Yes. I mean, it’s been forever since s2 was killed and I still love it now more than ever.

I mean, the game changed who I am and my life entirely.



Speak for yourself.

It’s my all time favorite game and I will cherish it fondly. I still remember playing Warhawk as a kid some 20 years ago. Many people will remember Evolve. Sure we won’t be talking about it nearly as much but it will still be here.


Plus I mean, even NOT knowing what Evolve is, having a bunch of badass people and monsters on my arm would STILL be cool.

I mean, if you guys truly want to know, I’m getting a Jenny, er XJ9 tattoo too. Dunno where, but this is how it’s going to look:

Only TRUE My life as a teenage robot fans will understand.

I’m just wack like that.


Not gonna lie, she T H I C C.


Trust me, with all the EO and SHARP training we have, I doubt that’d ever be an issue. I’ve known several transgender soldiers and all but one have been outstanding examples of what a soldier should be. There’s a lot of fail safes in place to protect people that identify with a gender different from their current one, and there are a lot of people you can turn to should you have an issue with someone disrespecting you or mistreating you based on your gender identity.

Believe me when I say it’s a wayyyyyy different army from what it was five-to-ten years ago.