Should I get an Evolve Sleeve? (I made up my mind)

So I do planning on getting tats over time, especially related to Evolve.

I want to get the Golaith footprint on my upper back. I also want to get each Emet face screen on my wrists and feet.

However I’ve been pondering a big question, and that is if I want a whole Evolve sleeve.

  • I would want each legacy monster and hunter, on the fence about the variants and S2 releases, since it’s involved with the timescale, and not the current crew when all were together.
  • I want to cover my arm from shoulder down to wrist, excluding my soon-to-be Emet face.

Then some reasons against it:

  • the cost. Since I’m not finishing college any time soon, I won’t have the big jobs, plus with me transitioning and the surgeries I want money will always be tight.
  • covering it up at work(s). I wanna show it off, not hide it away.

So should I get a whole Evolve sleeve, since it means so much to me?

  • Yes
  • No

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Tat are personal, keep em small and keep em close


^ What they said. And Tats are EXPENSIVE. Wait till you’re out of college and you can afford it. Getting a good artist to do it, you’re easily talking a few grand for that (USD) and multiple hours/sessions.


Yeah, but at the same time I’m really not one to keep stuff small.

Yeah, I know.

Which is prolly for the best.

I have a few, since my friend is getting a sleeve.

Yep. This isn’t one of those impulse decisions. I’ve wanted gages and piercings for well over 2 years no, and I finally got them this past summer. This is just a shot to see what people think on the matter.


Whatever float your boat my dude.
My honest advice is to make a list of pros of cons of such decision.If you can’t list more than 3 cons and 4 pros, then you haven’t researching hard enough


Maybe once you get absolutely loaded, but…

…it sounds like you need more green. College is a killer; address that, then worry about splurging on stuff like a tattoo.

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I suggest you don’t, honestly. If one day you want to get rid of your tatoos (which I bet you’d do once you’ll get older), it won’t be easy. Getting rid of tatoos costs money and it is a looong process, it can take either a week or a couple of months to get rid of a tatoo, depending on the size of it. Plus, tatoos from what I’ve heard of, are painful when applied because the tool (aka dermograph) pierces through the skin with a small nail to then inject the ink into the skin.

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I agree with @LemonTree

Big tattoos might look nice now, but they won’t when you get older. Keeping tattoos clean and simple will make them look elegant. Even if you like Evolve now, your taste might change 20-30 years into the future with regret.

It’s therefore best to stick with a symbol that refers to your favorite game while still looking good no matter how old you get.


If your over 21, make your own decision. Getting a tattoo over a game that means a lot to you is fine, however I wouldn’t go anywhere near the extent your talking about though. Also don’t drink or smoke anything the day you make your final decision.

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As others said, think this through very thoroughly, because it’s not cheap and it’ll stick with ya

I personally am planning on getting one soon, and my favourite game is Dark Souls. I wanted something to represent that, but at the same time I also wanted it to be more personal. Hence, I’ve decided on the typical bonfire (fire with a sword sticking out of it), but with a snake curling around said sword, thus also making it a Rod of Asclepius (signifying my long-lasting struggles with health issues)

TL;DR: your body, your choice. Think it through, mind the costs, and don’t overdo it. Less is more :slight_smile:


I’m not getting an evolve sleeve, but I am planning to get at least the kraken in the sleeve I’m devoping.

But really, what anyone says here doesn’t matter. If you want it, are willing to pay the thousands of dollars to get it done, and can live with it 20, 40, 50 years from now. Go for it.


Don’t tattoo your feet.

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Now I’m going to.


I had 8 piercings in my 20’s…even now in my mid-thirties sometimes I ask myself why I bothered to get so many back then. I only have 1 now, but even 10 years down the line you can easily question decisions you made when you were younger.


Yep! I regret my first tattoo. It was done well and something I wanted for a very long time. But now I’ll probably end up covering it up.

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This certainly isn’t an impulse decision, and I’m still thinking over everything.

As for regrets. I don’t see this as one. It’s still up in the air for me, and it’s not like I’m going to get one tomorrow, or next month.

I’m juts testing the waters, even to see what people have to bring to the table that I might not have thought about.


A tattoo artist once told me to put pictures of what you want tattooed somewhere you’ll see everyday. If you don’t get sick of them after 6 months, you’re probably good to go.


BTW Xplo, now that Mountain mentioned pictures to help the artist in their work, I want to mention that the model of E.M.E.T is available on the workshop of Source Filmmaker.
(Link >here<)

If you wish, you can get the software, shove E.M.E.T’s model into it and give him a specific pose (and emotion on his screen-face), then take a picture of the pose you took and show it to the artist.

I still believe that you need some time to think before having a tatoo, but that’s your choice after all, so I won’t prevent you from doing it. If you feel ready to get one, then go on, but don’t do it if you’re not feeling confident yet.

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And that’s the thing. I know impulse from thoughtfulness. This isn’t an impulse kind of thing.

As for proof, about 2 years ago I dabbled in the idea of getting piercings. I now have gages (and I’m actually 1 size away from my 00 goal), then my nips and naval pierced. Around the time I set my mind up on getting piercings, I set my mind up on getting the Goliath footprint on my upper back. Now I haven’t gotten around to getting that, but it is first on the table along with another tattoo I want.

As for my sleeve, It’s also not an impulse. I’ve had this idea for awhile and I’ve constantly been toying with the idea. Not 100% set in stone, but I think about it every day.

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Speaking of piercings…

I’ve been musing on getting a nose piercing recently. I’ve been making baby steps myself regarding self image, and while I’m still far away from the point of trying that, I’m still thinking about it. Does it hurt to get a piercing? Are there any special hygienic things to maintain it?