Should i even get t5

there just gonna get overnerfed liked t4 im not gonna waste 20 dollars like before for them so the could become 3 dollars when i buy them


Lennox wasn’t?

The choice is up to you, but I think T4 is still viable, and not overnerfed, save perhaps 1 or 2 cases (Behemoth and maybe Torvald)


the only t4 i didn’t get was torvald

If hunters come out doing too well, they need to be tweaked down. Sadly, this will mean they get “nerfed”. I don’t think they’ve been overnerfed, if they had no-one would even think of using them in competetive (as all T4 Hunters are on occasion)

What’s the point of asking a rhetorical question like this on a forum? You don’t want eak advice you just want to state your opinion of T4.


im saying this will happen to t5

What will happen to Tier 5, hmm? Torvald was RIDICULOUSLY broken, same with Sunny. Now they’ve both been nerfed- Torvald a bit much, and he’s getting some help in the next patch. Sunny is not UP and people need to stop pretending she is. Slim is very powerful. Crow is balanced. You have nothing to complain about for Tier 4, none of us do.

Tier 5? They’re being handled cautiously- Lennox was perfect and I have no doubts that the others will also go smoothly.


Torvald being over nerved… Yeah sure he is just a pain in the *** to play against…

I have no problem against all the other assaults but torvald. The fear to loose 2 full health bars in a second when you focus someone is scary… and im realy intrested to see what that torvald buff is going to be.
As so far lenny is balanced and has her own style to fight… same with other assaults.


Tier 4 is still good, just not out of hand like how they were in the past.

It also seems like you want DLC characters to be on top of the line as well, because tier 4 is balanced, but you say they were “overnerfed”. Torvald was overnerfed accidentally though.


I really thought Torvald was overnerfed, but he’s still usable (though it is a bit risky atm with very mobile monsters). I believe @roon has also made a point of playing him in some ESL matches lately. You can’t play him as you would have before, which was pretty much only using mortars, but need to use his primary more. All other assaults require you to spend more time on the primary and deal more damage with that, so Torvald was odd from the start imo.

Don’t be disrespectful the forum is a perfect place to ask such a question we all bought the game and likely the dlc plus we all have our opinions. I can’t think of a better place for a consumer to ask such a question.

If you’re buying to win games, then I think there are better alternatives in all classes except maybe slim. If you’re buying to have fun and experience variety, then they all provide that. I love playing crow, but he’s not my best trapper.


Crow, Slim, and Sunny are all powerful… Overnerfed? Wha’?


Not realy true that you spend more time on primary weapon. (and torvald primary is mortars even when they are on slot nr2) you could theoretical deal more damage with markov when you would hit with the AR pretty much every body hit, same with hyde against a behemoth it is more usefull to use ar and mini than lightning and flame… A lot of players get way more damage in with the AA cannon from lenox than plasma whipe…
But to say .@LIQUIDUTY is a better torvald than i am but pretty much its different playstyles that makes assaults more enjoyable. Atleast for me…

Torvald is currently 4th best assault atm, imo.

I’d rank Hyde at top, simply because of high damage, followed with his consistent nature with that damage. Then the fact that he has amazing area denial damage (Markov…).

I’d probably rank Parnell as second best, simply because of his high damage potential. This however is not the 2nd assault pick everyone should be taking. Most people lack the skill to pull the damage needed with him. This simply means he isn’t consistent in his damage, but when played right, can do more damage than Hyde can. Were I ranking this for playable nature, Lennox would be above Parnell. Simply because not many people can pull him off correctly.

I’d then put Lennox next on the list, simply because her leap+plasma lance are high damaging moves. Plasma lance can be countered, which causes her to feel that balance that people thought wouldn’t be there. When uncountered, her damage can become extremely ridiculous, with very high damage, and very high consistency. Her AA gun makes her have one of the better long ranged weapons, but you need to have decent aim for headshots+weakpoints. Doing that, you should have really good ranged damage on her. Her thunder strike is straightforward, and has nice damage as well. Lacks consistency, but that’s expected with a special.

Then there comes Torvald. Inconsistent damage against a good monster, but high consistent damage against a bad monster… Stay on low ground, and have teammates at high ground. The less time in the air for the mortars, the more consistent the damage. The fact that you can predict monsters movement most of the time while focusing, causes him to be viable in lower play. Shotgun has lowish damage, but is actually alright once you get the headshots+weakpoints in. His special feels weak if you don’t have teammates taking advantage of them, and is typically a wasted slot if you have a Laz/Val on the team. Swap time+throw time+swapping back seems to hurt his damage quite a bit. Since the capacity buff is typically the main, it feels unlikely this move will be used, if you don’t have other players on the team taking advantage of them.

Markov… How do I put it without pissing more people off with my opinion?
Low consistent damage with his main hand weapon. Long reload, and small clip… Short range as well. His assault rifle tends to be better than his mainhand sadly, since you can’t get headshots/benefit from weakpoints with his already low damage main hand. With the nerf to mines, they’re easily destroyed by every monster in game currently. Every monster has at least 2+ abilities to destroy them.


Personally shin I think torvald works very well with laz especially if your team can defend him. Because if the monster can’t kill laz he’ll go for someone else and if he downs him torvald can deal massive damage if the monster camps the body. Torvald tends to make monsters think twice about camping the body which makes lazes job easier. Also Crow or Abe will be able to slow fast monsters making the mortar canon more accurate with the exception of kraken.

You should buy them, because T5 wasn’t nerfed to the ground. The only hunter below balenced is Torvold who needs a shotgun buff.
T5 isn’t going to be nerfed to the ground unless we have another OP torvold/Sunny

As does Hyde. Hyde is consistent, the monster will actively see their bars dropping off. Torvald will simply make them fear losing a few in a burst, and then find it safe to come back a few seconds. With Goliath, he can leap our/back in easily, depending on the location of the body. But like I said, he isn’t completely unviable, he’s an alright assault. He simply isn’t on par with the others.
Markov on the other hand, isn’t very viable.

Yah I would say hyde is the best except against the kraken whereas markov is the best. If you have a trapper like abe or crow torvald can put the hurt on goliath and wraith and we already know he puts the hurt on the behemoth in my opinon unless your faceing the kraken torvald makes the best assault if you have crow or abe.

you should just get lennex, she’s a sneak peek on what t5 has in store for us but that’s my opinion but that’s all on you